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11 May 2015

Transart Berlin Summer Academy Call

Photos by Aleks Slota, 2014

Transart Berlin Summer Academy Call
Transart Institute


3 weeks: July 25 - August 14, 2015 Deadline to apply: June 15 Tuition: $5000, no fees. Scholarships available. Application:

Susie Quillinan
+1 (347) 410 9905

Transart Institute
228 Park Ave #34726
10003 New York, NY

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Transart Summer Residency Certificate Program 2015

Get a creative surge, revitalize your practice, show in Berlin, make international connections, and optionally get support and input for a year long independent project.

Transart Summer Academy 2015 will take place in the spacious, beautiful, fully equipped, dance and performance spaces and excellent cafe at Ufer Studios in Berlin with exhibitions, performance and time-based events occuring on the weekends at Somos Art Space.

First weekend is devoted to a public pop-up exhibition, performance, and screening events, and openings. Last weekend packed with cultural excursions including studio, museum and gallery visits.

Choose up to four elective workshops, either studio or theory. Optionally present your work to the school body for feedback as well as in small groups followed . Choose one Berlin curator for a full afternoon critique in small groups followed by intros and reception with five other curators to make connections.

Optionally propose a year long independent project, get one on one feedback with faculty and guests and continue with your critique group throughout they year ahead to sustain your practice (by invitation).

Weekday morning yoga, weekday evening talks from artists, theorists, curators, and guests throughout.

Week 1 choices:
Wolfgang Sützl: Skin >
Angeliki Avgitidou: Line Beyond Drawing >
Elena Marchevska: Encountering the Subjectivity >
Herman Mendolicchio: Mobility, Networks and the Politics of Exchange >
Merete Rostad: The Artist as Curator – Breaking the rules >
Simon Pope: Art After the Antropocene >
Jean-Ulrick Desert: Art and the Echo-chamber(s): Your art-practice in critical times >

Week 2 choices:
Ece Pazarbasi: Berlin Art Grant Clinic 3RS >
Jean Marie Casbarian: Naming the Invisible >
Caroline Koebel: Alienation >
Linda Montano: Letting Go >

Week 3 choices:
Laura Gonzalez: Obsessions and Possessions >
Lynn Book: Intensities – Extending Body and Voice >
Michael Bowdidge: Art Vs. Life >

Full program and course descriptions:
Transart people (faculty, guests, students):
Travel info:

Transart Institute is a utopian institution established in 2004, founded and run entirely by artists. Transart additionally offers fully accredited Creative MFA/PhD programs. A non-degree certificate is awarded for the Summer Academy Berlin Residency.

We're excited to hear from you!

Susie Quillinan, MFA
skype: transartinstitute
phone: +1 (347) 410 9905

Additionally chat with faculty by phone or skype upon applying.
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Mailing address: 228 Park Ave S. #34726, New York, NY 10003