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05 May 2015

Landscapes of the Anthropocene. Humans make Nature

Landscapes of the Anthropocene. Humans make Nature
Landschaftskunst. Landscape and Public Space


Round Table May 12th - 13th, 2015 Lectures in English More Information see



University of Applied Arts Vienna
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2, Staircase 2 / 1st Floor
1010 Vienna

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Landscapes of the Anthropocene
Humans make Nature

Landscapes of the Anthropocene: Humans make Nature is a series of lectures with a Round Table by the department Landschaftskunst. Landscape and Public Space.
The program of study, led since October 2014 by Paul Petritsch (Six&Petritsch), aims to think anew the theme of landscape in visual art, in particular by making connections to other disciplines. In this process of reorientation, experts are invited on a regular basis to the department's Round Table, with the aim of updating the historical concept of landscape within contemporary discourse. Taking their own fields of work as a starting point, invited participants address a chosen thematic focus, stimulating a discussion which guides and accompanies the semester's work. To begin this reflection, we have taken a thesis which demands a new definition of the relation between humans and nature, as well as a fundamental revision of our concepts.


Tuesday 12.05.15

Introduction / Gabriele Mackert

Black Paradises of the Anthropocene. A Critique of Calculability / Gloria Meynen

Touched Nature / Christian Schwägerl

Wednesday 13.05.15

The Archaeosphere: Beyond the Surface of Anthropocene Landscapes / Matt Edgeworth

Queer Ecologies, Unintentional Aesthetics and Other Conundrums of the Plastic Age / Heather Davis

Round Table
Heather Davis, Matt Edgeworth, Gabriele Mackert, Gloria Meynen, Christian Schwägerl

Lectures in English
More Information see