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30 Apr 2015

Call for Applications: Interzona and Trans Europe Halles present LIGHT_IT a Light Design Workshop

Interzona_LIGHT_IT_Alberto Fiocco

Light_IT a European workshop for arts and culture


14 - 17 May 2015 Deadline to apply 7th of May


via Scuderlando 4
37135 Verona

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Interzona and Trans Europe Halles present

a European light design workshop for arts and culture

in collaboration with Anténa, network of independet culture in Slovakia with the support of the Slovak Ministry of Culture

14 - 17 May 2015
via Scuderlando 4, Verona

LIGHT IT! is a unique workshop on the use and language of light, that will give to the participants the opportunity to be lead by 3 different professionals coming from 3 different countries (members of TEH network), each one with his experience and perspective about light and lighting.
A 4-days workshop where we will not only talk about the different principles of lighting, the creative process, the way to find a universal language to describe our ideas with light, but where we will have also time for experimenting and playing with light.

This workshop is part of a wider educational program offered by Interzona, made by workshops, courses and a rich series of educational activities.

Workshop leaders:

Olli Hietajärvi (FI) works as a technical producer at a cultural centre called Verkatehdas (cloth factory) in Hämeenlinna, Finland. He is specialized in concert lighting and touring with bands but the last 10 years working with light have also taught him it's not just live music and theatre where we meet light. In the workshop he will provide you with interesting and helpful facts about light and colors to help you realizing your lighting ideas!
Olli participates thanks to the support by Verkatehdas

Tomáš Marny Morávek (CZ) discovered the profession of a lighting technician thanks to the Prague dance conservatory Duncan Centre where he worked as a lighting technician and step by step, he started doing lighting designs mostly for students of this school. From this moment, he started being interested in the contemporary dance and lighting design. Afterwards as a freelancer, he started working for other Prague theatres and companies. He participated in many festivals and cooperated with choreographers and directors not only from Europe.Right now, he lives and works in Prague. During the workshop he will be focused more to practical exercises.

Tommaso Zappon (IT) has always been interested in music, and this incouraged him to approach the world of light. After working his way up he started touring with some important bands, where he worked on assembling the lights and on the follow spot. Afterwards, working for concerts, events, fairs and theatres in Italy and Europe, he had the chance to learn more about his job and to develop his vision not only using lights, but also working on set designs. Then he started to study lighting controle consoles and image softwares, very important tools for a professional, but also useful to give shape to his creativity. Today he works as a lighting designer and light operator in various situations, from music to theatre, from conventions to private events.

assisted by:
Katarína Ďuricová (SK)
Ségolène le Contellec (FR)

technicians, light designers and cultural operators from the independent cultural sector, musicians, set designers, but also performers, theatre directors, actors, dancers, artists and in general people interested in lighting or who would like to know more about lighting principles.
No previous technical knowledge necessary.


Sunday the 17th of May, from 7 to 9 pm, the participants, the workshop leaders and some invited guests will share ideas with Interzona's members interested in knowing more about the workshop.
Interzona will offer a small aperitivo.

LIGHT IT! will take place at Associazione Culturale Interzona, via Scuderlando 4, Verona, inside Warehouse 22, former Magazzini Generali compound.

14 - 17th of May 2015

The whole workshop will be based on group collaboration and we request the participants, when they apply, to give us a short description of what they do and what they would like to work on, since the workshop is mainly practical and creative.
Please write an e-mail to before the 7th of May.
We will choose the participants on a first-come-first served basis. You will receive an e-mail with directions on how to pay. Payments should be done in advance before the 7th of May and cancellations will not be refunded.

participation fee: 100 euros.
This includes Interzona membership card, lunches and coffee breaks. Interzona is available to give to participants practical infos or accommodation info.

From Verona's airport
By Bus: take bus to the railway station (Stazione FS), it costs 6 euros and leaves every 20 minutes. Then from the railway station take bus n° 51 and get off in 'via Scuderlando'. A one-way ticket costs 1.30 euros if bought at a newsagent/tobacconists or 1.50 on board (only coins, no rest).
By Taxi: take a taxi to via Scuderlando (it should take 10/15 minutes and it would cost around 15 euros).
From the railway station (Porta Nuova)
By Bus: take bus n° 51 and get off in 'via Scuderlando'. A one-way ticket costs 1.30 if bought at a newsagent/tobacconists or 1.50 on board (only coins, no rest).
By Taxi: take a taxi to via Scuderlando (it should take 10/15 minutes and it would cost around 10 euros).
From the motorway:
Take the 'Verona Sud' exit and reach via Scuderlando, it should take no more than 5 minutes.

Facebook: Associazione culturale Interzona


INTERZONA is an independent cultural association based on voluntary work, born in Verona in December 1992 from the need to create a place where to combine culture, art and experimentation, reflection and social activities. From
the beginning the goal of Interzona has been to discover and experiment concepts, to define policies, goals and plans for creating and promoting culture independently, in connection to the city, but also tying national and
international relationships. The aim of the association is the diffusion, promotion and analysis of music and other artistic disciplines, in all their forms and expressions. With the organization of events and the creation of a new place for social gatherings, Interzona has always shown a willingness to give voice to the communication urgency of alternative entities and to investigate new forms of expression, thus creating a unique project. Interzona works with associations, public institutions, cultural centres, distribution networks and Italian, European and international artists.

Interzona Cultural Association operates within the former ex Magazzini Generali area in Verona, a disused production district currently belonging to Fondazione Cariverona (Unicredit Group). From the end of 2006, after 12 years in the Stazione Frigorifera Specializzata (Special Refrigerated Section), an outstanding example of industrial architecture, built in 1929, Interzona moved to Magazzino (Warehouse) 22.

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