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29 Apr 2015

Unlikely - Journal for Creative Arts out now!

Ceballos & Rajiv: Look, This is my Friend! - photo credit: Leesa Geere 2013

Unlikely - Journal for Creative Arts: Issue 1 'Feral' out now
Centre for Creative Arts



Centre for Creative Arts
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3086

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Unlikely is a transdisciplinary journal, which aims to open unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines and continents. It offers artists working in practice-led research the chance to participate in and explore a range of practical and theoretical contemporary art concerns. An experiment in form, Unlikely engages its audience and contributors in a two-stage process of live event, presenting creative practitioners' works, followed by peer-reviewed electronic publication. Unlikely works with an international editorial board and a large panel of peer-reviewers.

Issue 01: Feral is now online
Editors: Alexis Harley and Norie Neumark

'Feral' is the first issue of Unlikely. Undisciplined, disorderly, and extravagant, ferals disrupt and rewrite practices, places, and cultures. To be or do feral is to misbehave, to disregard rules, boundaries and the very conditions of orderly movement. Ferals are both above and beneath domestication, un-homely, unstable, uncanny. Always out of place, these biotic hitchhikers prefer to take over the whole damn road.

The works in this issue examine or enact the stigmatization or the celebration of ferals, investigate or dismantle the cultural category 'feral', or themselves refuse domestication, go wild, and participate in the dismantling of stable ecologies. They include works that are transdisciplinary or cross arts or more or less disciplined, including writing, performance, media art, sound work, video.

This first issue includes contributions by Rebecca A. Adelman, Helen Addison-Smith, Ian Andrews & Eric Bridgeman & Ruark Lewis, Ben Byrne & Dale Gorfinkel & Anthony Magen, Emily Carr, Gonzalo Ceballos & Renuka Rajiv, Robyn Ferrell, Katherine Gibson & Kate Rich, Silvana Iannello, Hester Joyce, and Nick Moore.

Call for the forthcoming second issue: Field Work
Editors: Lucas Ihlein and Brogan Bunt

'Fields': arenas for action; social discourses; professional areas of practice; knowledge disciplines.

Field Trips: tours, excursions, forays. Research trips, adventures, residencies. Working in the forest, in old mining towns, in local suburbs, on farms. Artists placed in corporations, government departments, schools. Ethnographic models, educational models, activist models, scientific models. 'The artist as'... Field as field.

Going for a walk. Site specific work. Community as site. Placemaking. Field Work.

This issue of Unlikely explores creative practice beyond the studio. What opportunities for the creation of new knowledge are 'out there, in the field'? What new methods for artmaking are born when artists venture outside the art world - or indeed, take the artworld itself as field? How do documentation, reportage, and writing help make field work visible and intelligible? How do artworks define their own fields?

Contributions are invited which exemplify, represent, analyse and probe creative practice situated in such ways.

Send your correspondence via email at
Deadline: October 2015

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Unlikely - Journal for Creative Arts is an initiative of the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.