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16 Apr 2015

'Nerve Endings' exhibition by Ahmet Sari at Galeri G-art, Istanbul

Galeri G-art


The exhibition starts on 21st April at G-Art Beyoglu. Vernisage : 6 pm - 8 pm Ahmet Sari's 'NERVE ENDINGS' Exhibition can bee seen at Gallery G-Art thru April 21 and May 23 from

Bahar Erin

Tomtom Mahallesi
Kumbaracı Yokuşu No:37/A Beyoglu

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Gallery G-Art is hosting young artist Ahmet Sari from 21 April thru 23 May at its over 100 year old location on Kumbaraci Yokuşu that faithfully maintains its tradition and character from the past, in the Tophane-Karakoy vicinity that is rapidly being transformed into a popular art zone of the town, neighboring Galata Tower and Istiklal street.

In this exhibition, each of Sari's artworks has a tale of its own revealing the personalities of 'plants', 'animals' and 'objects' as well as humans. The satirical and mocking style in his use of concealed criticism over human behavior doesn't go unnoticed by the viewers.

Use of 'lavie' paint applied on unique handmade paper is the product of the artist, as seen in his figurative drawings, a part of his revolutionary and experimental artistic techniques that he also exclusively implements in his career as the 'director of Aksanat original print atelier'.

In this exhibition which he names 'nerve endings' he primarily refers to the wordings of French essay writer and moralist Joseph Joabert where he quotes 'If it is a value that man endures his own destruction it is even more valuable when he shares those of others'. Ahmet Sari shows once again in his recent works, his understanding of criticism and sarcasm. Artist here by relating to us in an aesthetic and pensive manner his sociological reservations for the state of extremely disturbing sensitivity that reach a pathological level as well as the opposite position of extreme insensitivity in the realm that we breathe/survive.

He originates his artworks with emphasis on the narrowing of one's life standards by pointing to a sociological criticism. The names of some of his previous completed works are: 'Vertical Thoughts', 'Start', 'Tursu Life', 'Intolerance'. In such projects over which he exercises real technical surveys such as cutting, deducting, reducing and lessening as well as these concepts' metaphorical social sub-texts, turn them into political and ironic concrete examples to be absorbed. He in the meantime unites image with criticism while manipulating the notion of opposites and playing with the frames that has become part of the work. As with his previous exhibitions the artist pursues his mission of stimulation and propaganda, showing a stable rational attitude in this respect.

In summary, throughout his life endeavor that forces the imagination in showing that it has come to worse, the destruction that mankind has done and seemingly will be doing to the universe and to what extent it will be touching our 'nerve-endings' is yet to be seen.