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17 Apr 2015

ifa-Galerie Berlin: The Measure of Your Dwelling: Singapore as Unhomed

© Geraldine Kang: from the series 'Of Two Bedrooms', 2010–2015

connect: The Measure of Your Dwelling: Singapore as Unhomed
ifa-Galerie Berlin


Exhibition length: 17.04- 05.07.15 Tuesday- Sunday 2- 6 pm Closed Mondays and holidays Free admission

Ev Fischer
+49.30 28 44 91 40
+49.30 28 44 91 42

ifa-Galerie Berlin
10115 Berlin

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Singapore as island- and city-state is a special and exciting place. Within the contemporary art scene Singapore is a melting pot of diverse artistic tendencies and cultural influences. Artists from all over the world live and work here in order to be part of the art scene with its exhibitions, conferences, symposia and festivals.

The limited space of the city requires flexible urban planning and development. Induced by the permanent restoration of older buildings almost no area is spared from the constant renewal. New technologies immediately lead to new ever more gigantic construction projects which increasingly dominate the city. This affects not only the Singapore skyline but also the organization of the lives of residents, whose working, living, recreation areas are dictated by architecture without having individual alternatives, because the necessary space is lacking. Artists address this phenomenon in widely differing ways. They manifest in their work that this constant change influences the population as well as culture and art.