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08 Apr 2015

Your exhibition space at the international UAMO city-tour 2015/2016 'FORTRESS'

UAMO city-tour 2015/2016


Johannes B

81371 Munich

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Your exhibition space at the international
UAMO city-tour 2015/2016

You want to present an exhibition with artists in your city as part of the international UAMO city tour ?

The international UAMO city-tour consists of numerous exhibitions on this years theme 'FORTRESS' and takes place in major international cities.

Selected works exhibited during the city tour will also be exhibited in Munich at the UAMO Festival.
(spring 2016)

It´s free to participate !

Apply here:


Integration in a series of internationally advertised exhibitions
Integration of your event in the UAMO exhibition catalogue
Exhibition of (selected) artworks at the UAMO Festival (spring 2016)
Video of your event at the UAMO Festival (spring 2016)
Print templates for your local event (for posters and leaflets)
Communication of the event in print, web, radio, TV
All revenue (eg. entrance fees, drinks) of your event
Online live streaming of selected events
International networking with other participants, gallery owners and artists


Space with ~50m2 or more for ~4 days
(doesn´t have to be a classic gallery)
Organizer with contacts to the local art scene
Experience in exhibition organization
Short video of your exhibition space and event (3-4 minutes)
if possible: Live Acts (local DJs, bands) during the event / opening
Photodocumentation of the event