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10 Apr 2015

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT at Forum für Kunst Heidelberg


Fotograph: Sabitha Saul

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT at Forum für Kunst Heidelberg
Forum für Kunst


Vernissage: 2015-04-10, 20.00 Last day: 2015-05-10 Open: Tuesday - Sunday 2 - 6 p.m.

Michael Rosler
0049 6221 24023
0049 6221 658775

Heidelberger Forum für Kunst
Heiliggeiststr. 21
D-69117 Heidelberg

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Friday 10th April 2015, 8 pm is the opening date of the exhibition of the project group REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT. The introductory speech will be given by Susanne Weiß, Director of the art society 'Kunstverein Heidelberg'.

Installations and videos based on the society-related art practices of the group will be on show in the exhibition in the gallery of the 'Heidelberger Forum für Kunst'. Thematically, the actions and projects are about the structural change of the working society and the city as a social trade area. On show will be works where the REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT artists, Martin Keil and Henrik Mayer performatively and critically examine traffic light phases; where cows prevent the construction of a golf course and Australian city dwellers use public space to further sustainable urban infrastructures.

The fundamental motives of the artistic work of the RG are participation and sharing in collaborative artistic processes. In the RG projects, temporary alliances are formed; local solutions are developed on a participative and interdisciplinary basis, and future-orientated, co-determination options are demonstrated via artistic methods.

The REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT presents projects which take place in different locations worldwide, i.e. in Europe, Asia and America. In doing so, various players in urban and rural areas are involved in future-orientated discourses. The objective is awareness for sustainable lifestyles. Infrastructural, cultural, ecological and economic issues, characterised by correlation and dependences, are viewed in their entirety. Hierarchies are reduced via joint learning and cognitive processes and interlinking potentials recognised. The RG involves civil groups as instigators in open creative processes. In doing so, art is thus defined as a catalyst for social processes. By withdrawing conventional exploitation logic, it encourages the reconsideration of public space by subjecting it to the rules of common usage rights. The projects support new forms of self-organisation and small-scale, joint-responsibility ways of life and organisation.

The REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT is working on a more collective, participative and public welfare-orientated future of urban and social spaces. This includes precarious and marginalised groups and helps mainstream society to hear their voices.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 2 – 6 pm. The final day is Sunday, 10th May 2015.