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26 Mar 2015

Artist Expedition 2015: Call for Projects

Impression from last year's expedition: John Grzinich working on his project 'Listening in Context'. Photo: Joëlle Kost, 2014

Sound Development City 2015: Belgrade - Athens
Sound Development City


Artists working in all disciplines can apply. Application Deadline: April 19, 2015 Expedition Cities: Belgrade - Athens Expedition: September 9 - 27, 2015

Duscha Kistler
+41 43 233 91 37

Heller Enterprises
Giessereistr. 5
8005 Zurich

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The Artist Expedition Sound Development City aims to provide creative freedom to artists working in various disciplines. Each year in late summer, Sound Development City organizes a three-week expedition to two European cities. Ten selected artists working on individual projects are part of the expedition team.


The fourth edition of Sound Development City is heading towards the South East of Europe and will take place in Belgrade und Athens from September 9 – 27, 2015.

Sound Development City is looking for project proposals and work theses that are to be tested and put into practice during the expedition.

We are interested in interventions, installations, performances, experiments, moving images, artistic research projects and concepts which benefit from being on the road, and probe urban environments as sites of both playfulness and social involvement.

Sound Development City gives artists time – time for processes, for experimentation, for taking new paths – but also going astray, and for detecting and discovering the unexpected.


Artists working in all disciplines can apply through the open call process. The key requirements are curiosity, openness to experimentation, process-oriented work, and adventurousness.

Application deadline: April 19, 2015
Terms and conditions:
Application contact:


Sound Development City is a project by Sound Development, a non-commercial and independent cultural initiative based in Zurich, Switzerland. Sound Development City aims to inspire through practical experiences and enables a close exchange between artists of various backgrounds. The expedition format was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises, an agency for cultural projects.