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10 Mar 2015

TBOE . The Body of Energy by Stefano Cagol

© stefano cagol 2014

TBOE . The Body of Energy (of the mind)
RWE stiftung für energie und gesellschaft ggmbh

Daniela Berglehn
T: +49 201 12-15505

RWE stiftung für energie und gesellschaft ggmbh
Opernplatz 1
45128 Essen

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An intense journey through Europe and its new energies
A metaphorical and symbolic survey / reproduction / signal of energy 'Giving body' to energy, immaterial and invisible, but important and present in society.
A journey made by a trip, a series of participative actions, a van, an infrared camera

and a book

The nomadic transnational project titled 'THE BODY OF ENERGY (of the mind)' by Italian artist Stefano Cagol will realize the following further stops in March/April, 2015 interacting with environment and public:

– March 11 at DISPAC-Università di Salerno (IT), H 11 - 16

– March 12 at Museo Madre Napoli, H 12 - 18

– March 13 at MAXXI Roma, H 12 - 19

– March 17 at Museion Bolzano (IT), H 12 - 18

– March 18 at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (CH), H 12 - 18

– March 20 - 21 at ZKM Karlsruhe, H 12 - 18

– March 29 - April 2 at Palazzo Carminati, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Venezia, varius timing.

TBOE looks at energy, physical and cultural energy.
It develops moving between places where energy is produced and places where cultural energy is diffused, between museums and power plants.
It started on October 3, 2014 at Bergen Kunsthall / Landmark, Bergen (NO) and already acted and was presented by many European museums arriving till the borders of Europe in Kirkenes at Barents Spektakel (NO) and in Gibraltar at Listen to the Sirens (UK), and stopping also at MAGA Museum in Gallarate (IT); Dolomiti Contemporanee & Progetto Borca (IT); Museum Folkwang in Essen; the art-lovers-iniziative One in Ghent (BE); in Paris, supported by the IIC-Institut culturel italien de Paris.

Energy is a fundamental part of our lives in every moment and in every place: as much important, vital, present, as at the same time invisible, immaterial, intangible. The term 'energy', already used by Aristotle in philosophy, begins to take shape in physics in 1619 Kepler's Harmonice Mundi.
The project THE BODY OF ENERGY (of the mind) shows what is not visible to eyes. It gives shape to energy.

For doing this, the artist started a 6 months expedition through different nations of Europe 'scanning the new energies'. Capturing traces of energy, jets of energy, actions of energy, shot also by an infrared camera, used as symbolic energy keeper. Means of transport is a mobile station, a van identified by evident writings that interact constantly with the local environment.

A book will be realized by Revolver Publishing, Berlin (ISBN 978-3-95763-271-5) and the launch will happen in Venice in the first week of May.

THE BODY OF ENERGY is realized with the support of RWE Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft gGmbH as Stefano Cagol is recipient of its VISIT #10 artist in residence programme.