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04 Dec 2015

A Creative Blind-Date: Project 48 Dance #3

photo: Zohar Ralt

Project 48 Dance
Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group


LIVE SHOWS: Round 1 - December 10th @ 9 pm Round 2 - December 11th @ 10pm. Mahsan 2, Jaffa Port
FOLLOW live streaming from rehearsals at:

Yael Ferber, producer
+972 528468564

Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group
Tel Aviv

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The third edition of Project 48 Dance returns and invites choreographers, artists and performers to a creative 'Blind-Spin-Date.'

As part of this unique project, 10 dance works will be created in two 24 hour creation rounds. The process kicks off with a raffle in which the creative ensembles are drawn, each including a choreographer, a co-creator and a changing numbers of dancers. Then, a 'subject' is drawn to which all teams will react or be inspired by. From that point, each group has 24 hours to bring a new short dance piece to the stage which will be performed the following evening in front of a live audience at Mahsan 2. At the end of the 1st show a new raffle on stage will determine the teams and subject for the next round to be premiered 24 hours later.

The rehearsals will be streamed live, giving audience around the world the rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall in the creative processes of Israeli choreographers.
The streaming channel will go live on December 9th @9pm TLV time:

This year's adventure seekers include a wide range of well-known voices from the Israeli Dance, Theater, Performance and Visual Art scenes:

Tal Adler Arieli, Iris Erez, Oded Graf, Merav Dagan, Omri Drumlevich, Sarah Holcman, Eyal Vizner, Yair Vardi, Ari Teperberg, Ofir Yudilevitch, Gilad Yerushalmi, Netta Yerushalmy, Avi Mazliah, Ofri Mantell, Andrea Martini, Stav Marin, Omer Uziel, Tomer Pistiner, Shlomit Fundaminsky, Ayala Frenkel, Ofri Celniker, Einav Katan, Yuli Kovbasnian, Osnat Kelner, Gil Kerer, Abigail Rubin, Gilad Reich, Noa Rosenthal, Uri Rubinstein.

Artistic Director: Dana Ruttenberg
Production: Yael Ferber

Before each show the lobby of the theater will host an 'instant' exhibition of photos from the last 24 hours by photographer and lighting designer Uri Rubinstein.

Show Schedule:
Round One - December 10th @ 9pm
Round Two - December 11th @ 10pm

Tickets at:
Event details and updates:

Project 48 Dance is generously supported by the Dance Department at the Israeli Ministry of Culture and the Special Project Fund of the Municipality of Tel Aviv.

It is supported by The Bikurey Haitim Center, home base to the creative processes for the project.