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11 Nov 2015

Museum Schloss Fechenbach: reality re:coded - International Symposium

reality re:coded - International Symposium
Hochschule Darmstadt - University of applied Sciences


Nov. 13th, Doors Open 03.00 p.m.,
Start: 03.15 p.m. Nov. 14th, Doors Open 09.30 p.m.,
Start: 10.00 p.m. Registration:

Maria Porzenheim

Museum Schloss Fechenbach
Eulengasse 8
64807 Dieburg

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Reality recoded

An introduction to the symposium's and the exhibition's aspects and aims:

It has become a quite common statement explained and established numerous times, that digital media started to offer a collection of new methods imposing strong effects on sense and endowment of sense, and therefore on the (re-)construction of reality.
The core idea of the Schloss Fechenbach exhibition 'StadtLandFluss ' as well as of its related symposium is to discuss this assumption, and to exchange our notions concerning if and how digital media and its processes of conceptualization, construction and design challenge, question and maybe alter our views of reality once taken for granted.
During the symposium, we will follow diverse approaches to this topic under an umbrella which we want to keep quite open, in order to bring together multiple perspectives on the theme. The symposium will deal with topics i.e. 'mixed reality', 'hybridity', 'coding and recoding' 'digital conceptualization', 'virtuality'. The symposium's contributors will frame the topic according to their specialized background in theory and practice..
Our overall theme is to discuss medias' power (and not only digital medias') as a machinery of perception and sense making, submitting the various aspects of our being-in-the world under its ordering, and maybe its regime. Our aim is a better understanding of phenomena and processes of alienation and gaps caused by digital media within a cultural frame still attached to analogue cultures' conventions.