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19 Oct 2015

Association RAWW

Rone, Charlie, 2015, Acryl on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, Courtesy of the Artist

Association RAWW


Exhibition: 24th- 31st of October, 2015 Opening hours: daily 12.00 – 20.00 Opening Night: 24th of October, 18.00 - 21.00 Introduction: Robert Schwartz / Head of Deutsche Welle – Romanian Department Artists: Rone, Mona Bit, Cristian Crestincov, Aurel Gheorghiu Cogealac

Oana Vladoiu
004 (0) 751413075

Exhibition Space August 35, Berlin
Auguststrasse 35
10119 Berlin

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The Association RAWW is happy to invite you to its first exhibition in Berlin 'RAWW* IN ART', showcasing five Romanian artists, each with a unique 'underground' style, emerging from outside the mainstream of the Romanian culture. The exhibition aims to create a connection between artists and art followers, thus encouraging intercultural dialogues and Romanian cultural values and talents. In a city considered by many as the epicenter of contemporary art, the 'RAWW* IN ART' exhibition will purposefully reveal the ways in which five different artists are able to critically reflect the idiosyncrasies of today's society.

Special events:
27th of October, 18.00 – 20.00: DJ Alex Piconne
29th of October, 18.00 – 20.00: Jewelry exhibition by Alina Predoiu and Vika Tonu
31st of October, 17.00 – 20.00: Closing party with a selection of Romanian wines & vinyls


Rone (Cicerone Florin Cojocaru), born in 1968, is an artist in a never-ending search for essence, concerned with the continuous transformation of shapes. His exhibited series 'My friends from beyond' includes portraits of imaginary characters representing a unique kind of collages, with 'scraps' of color that he titles 'painterly matter'; an alter modern play between real and abstract, between constructivism and deconstructivism. His works are part of private collections throughout the world, among them the contemporary art collection of Raiffeisen Evolution Bucharest and Microsoft Romania.


Mona Bit, born in 1979, could be included in the category of 'underground' artists of Bucharest. Born and raised during the communist era in Bucharest, with many grey communist buildings, the artist now lives and works in Berlin, and her works cannot be framed or rated as taking inspiration from a certain present. She is addressing a unique style that gratifies the freedom of the human psyche. Her visual explorations represent above all else, some form of affirmation of individuality. Her disposition for fantastic shapes encourages the viewers to loosen up and to engage in a lucid world where the unimaginable becomes reality.


Cristian Crestincov was born in 1983 in Chisinau, Moldavian Republic. The presented sculptures show 'the road of the artists - from contemplating the simple beauty to observing the sacred in nature and picturing the entire life of a human being'. His style of work lies at the border between the figurative and the abstract. Since his graduation he has had various exhibitions all over Romania such as: 2013 at the Museum of the Traditional Costume, National Museum of the Village „Dimitrie Gusti', Bucharest; 2015 International Symposium Constantin Brâncusi, Târgu Jiu.


Aurel Gheorghiu Cogealac was born in 1967 in the village Cogealac in the county of Constanţa, Romania. With no academic training in Fine Arts, he started painting in 1990 as he got inspired by the beauty and purity of countryside. He pictures fantastic characters of unearthly dimensions and metamorphoses, reminiscent of the old Romanian fairy tales. His work has been featured in various galleries in Romania, France and Hungary and many of them are part of private collections in Romania, Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and in the USA.

VLAD CAIA (Sound Artist)

Vlad Caia has been working within different frameworks of sound for many years and has been going through a continuous transformation. Deeply affected by the Bucovina Mountains and the Scandinavian Fjords, he can never stay still both in music and in real life, an interesting effect that can also be heard throughout his sounds. He is more comfortable 'tinkering with quirky noises and lit up buttons than watching news on TV'. He loves to add soundtracks to situations and is always keen on participating in different projects.

The exhibition 'RAWW* IN ART' is accompanied by a catalogue with a selection of works by Rone, Mona Bit, Cristian Crestincov and Aurel Gheorghiu Cogealac.

Partners: Master Print Super Offset, Metamorfosis Wines, Clos de Colombes Wines, ICR Berlin, Gramma Wines.

Special Credits to: Ioana Nan, Ana Maria Dobre and Denis Strutinschi.