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06 Oct 2015

IntraRegionale 2016 - Call for artists


IntraRegionale 2016


International call for artists Ten art societies plan to present selected current international approaches to landscape art. All participating artists will receive the sum of €8.000

Frank Nordiek

IntraRegionale c/o Atelier LandArt
Weidestr. 22
30453 Hannover

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IntraRegionale 2016
Call for artists

With the project 'IntraRegionale' ten art societies from the governmental district of Hanover (henceforth 'Region Hannover') plan to present selected current international approaches to landscape art. The project will show installations that represent contemporary site-specific art.
The presentation of the works of art takes place in the open within the cultural landscape in the Region Hannover. Every partaking art society offers a different, distinctive rural environment.

The art societies are:
Imago, Kunstverein Wedemark e.V., Bissendorf –
kik e.V. – Kunst in Kontakt, Hannover -
KulturGut Poggenhagen e.V, Neustadt a. Rbge.–
Kunstraum Benther Berg e.V., Ronnenberg / Benthe -
Kunst und Begegnung Hermannshof e.V., Springe / Völksen -
Kunstverein Barsinghausen e.V. -
Kunstverein Burgwedel / Isernhagen e.V. -
Kunstverein Langenhagen e.V. -
Kunstverein Neustadt a. Rbge. e.V. -
Meerkunstraum e.V., Wunstorf / Steinhude -

Cultured Landscape in Region Hannover – Site of the IntraRegionale 2016

The Region Hannover covers 2.300 square kilometres. Half of its population of 1.1 million people live in the city of Hanover and half in 20 towns and villages in the surrounding region.
Topographically the region of Hannover is situated between outlying foothills of Germany's central mountains and the flat North German Plain towards the sea. This special situation is expressed by four kinds of cultured landscape: the Deister Mountains to the South, the adjoining Calenberger Börder with its valuable soil, the Geest to the north and the River Leine with its meadows wandering through the region. A special sight is offered by the biggest lake in north-west Germany, the Steinhuder Meer, part of the national park of the same name.

Call for tenders

The IntraRegionale 2016 is seeking 10 designs for temporary installations in the landscape of the region of Hanover. The ideas must draw a clear site-specific connection to the surrounding landscape. No thematic or material specifications are set. The unprotected installations will stand outdoors and can be accessed around the clock. However, the pieces of art are expected to be built in such a way that they survive their three and half month exhibition without maintenance.
The call for tenders takes place internationally and aims at professional artists. The procedure of the call for tenders consists of two stages.

First stage
Three references of the artist's previous work are needed for the application. The references should refer to already realised projects in public space.
A jury will select 30 artists for the second stage.

Second stage
The 30 chosen artists will then hand in their design for one of the selected venues. The jury will then select the ten artists to participate in the IntraRegionale 2016.

Schedule for the IntraRegionale 2016

October 2015 : publication of the call of tenders
30th of November 2015 : deadline for submitting applications, first stage
11th of December 2015 : meeting of the jury, selection of applicants for the second stage
until 4th of March 2016 : submission of concepts
18th of March 2016 : meeting of the jury, selection of participants for the IntraRegionale 2016
8th of June 2016 : media preview
12th of June 2016 : vernissage (whole day)
12th of June until 30th of September 2016 : exhibition

1st until 16th of October 2016 : dismantling of the installations

Payment / Artist fee
All participating artists will receive the sum of €8.000, including tax, for the realisation of their concepts. With the fee all expenses concerning the realisation of the installation are covered.

The complete call for Artist with all regulations can be downloaded at