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12 Jan 2015

n.paradoxa volume 35 (Jan 2015) War/Conflict

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal, new volume
KT press


volume 35 (Jan 2015) 96 pages, 16 colour Available in print and as article PDFs Order single copies or subscriptions

Katy Deepwell

38 Bellot St
London SE10 0AQ

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volume 35 of n.paradoxa on War/Conflict (Jan 2015) is now available.

Read the Editorial here.


Christine Conley
(Canada) 'States of Precarity: Sandra Johnston, nichola feldman-kiss, Rehab Nazzal' – on three artists whose works respond to war and conflict and have been shown in Canada recently. feldman-kiss was part of the Canadian Forces Artists Program.

Talita Trizoli (Brazil) 'Ana Vitória Mussi and Thereza Simões: Expanding Poetic Fields in Brazilian Guerrilla War Art during the Military Dictatorship' – analyses works produced by these artists between 1968-1970.

Katy Deepwell (UK) 'Mobilizing Memory: Interview with curators Ayse Gül Altinay and Isin Önol' about their exhibition Mobilizing Memory at Istanbul DEPO, 2014 which explores contemporary Turkish and US women artist's representations of conflict, memory and loss.

Lindsey Sharman (Canada)'The Female Gaze: a (re)viewing of those marked by war' analyses the works of Althea Thauberger, Gertrude Kearns, Sandra Bromley and Tamara Abdul Hadi in terms of a politics of representation.

Jamie Ratliff (USA) 'A War on Women: Teresa Margolles' Ciudad Juárez' is an exploration and reading of works by the artist in Mexico and the contentious question of 'feminicide'.

Cristina Pratas Cruzeiro (Portugal) 'Susana de Sousa Dias' 48: images that speak against themselves' is a detailed reading of a film and how it presents and represents the experiences of opponents of Portugal's Estado Novo regime in the 1960s.

Mirjam Westen (Netherlands)'Re-inscribing public spaces: Queering Yerevan Collective' reviews the new publication by Queering Yerevan Collective(Armenia) In and Between the (Re)public (2014).

Giulia Lamoni
(Portugal) ''Ti darei un bacio': Notes on utopia and conviviality in Autoritratto by Carla Lonzi' (Italy) explores the art criticism and feminist consciousness within Carla Lonzi's 1969 book.

Martina Pachmanová (Czech Republic) 'Silence about Feminism and 'Femininity' as an Aesthetic Value: the case of Jindrich Chalupecký's post-1968 art theory regarding women artists.' (Slovakia)

Artists Pages:
Tanya Ury (Germany) 'nomen est omen - all in a name'

Gail Bourgeois (Canada) 'Cold War Pieces' (exhibited in To Warn Other Canadians at The Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum)

Linda Montano (USA) 'MONEY IS GREEN TOO MANIFESTO' (2011) a manifesto about money, which did not make it into Katy Deepwell's new ebook on Feminist Art Manifestos (KT press, 2014) amongst the 35 others that did and were written 1969-2013.

a picture spread about the exhibition 'Acción Urgente / Urgent Action' (Buenos Aires: Fundacion PROA, 2014)

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal is published bi-annually (Jan, July) in print and with electronic subscription available. Volume 35 marks the 18th year of publication in print: now, 500+ articles from artists and writers living and working in more than 80 countries. n.paradoxa specialises in feminist readings of the work of contemporary women artists (post-1970).

Editor: Katy Deepwell

International Editorial Board
Renee Baert, Silvia Eiblmayr, Joanna Frueh, Hagiwara Hiroko, Janis Jefferies, Hilary Robinson and Bisi Silva

Future volume: Humour (vol 36, July 2015)