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09 Jan 2015

Pen and Brush: Call for Visual Art and Literary Work

Pen and Brush - Until it's just about the art.
Pen and Brush


Call for Visual Art and Literary Works. Open to all women artists and writers internationally. Through our program opportunities, gain exposure to the public and a wide variety of influencers including scholars, collectors, curators, gallerists, agents, and publishers. No deadlines - accepting work on an ongoing basis.

Dawn Delikat, Associate Director
+1 212 475 3669

Pen and Brush
29 East 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010
United States

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We at Pen and Brush strongly support the premise that art and literature are vital aspects of the human experience. We also believe that art and literature created by women deserves to be recognized and valued on its merit – not judged by the gender of the maker.

Pen and Brush is now accepting visual art and literary works on a rolling basis, for exhibition and publication in 2015. All works will be reviewed and selected by art world and literary professionals working to support our vision. Our opportunities are open to all professional women artists and writers internationally.

For over 120 years, Pen and Brush, has been the only international nonprofit organization offering an outlet for women in both the literary and visual arts in the city of New York. This year will mark the start of a new era for our organization with a new programming initiative and a renewed focus on advocacy, mentoring, and the presentation of high-quality, professional work by female artists and writers. We have adapted best practices from curatorial and publishing models. We have used this intelligence to create a vetting system that offers our curators the chance to select work each believes has merit and is deserving of exposure.

We have the honor of working with a diverse group of visual and literary arts curators, who will not only support the Pen and Brush mission of advocating for gender parity in the arts, but also help provide Pen and Brush's writers and artists with greater access and visibility in the marketplace. (You can learn more on the Curator's page of our website).

When we open our 5,500 square foot space in 2015, we will present exceptional work by women to collectors, curators, editors, agents, publishers, and the public. These exhibitions, publications, readings and events will reflect the diversity of content and media found in the work of women artists and writers – and we will present a lot of it, debunking the notion that there simply aren't enough women consistently producing professional, compelling work.

We recognize that gender-based inequality in the arts has a much larger historic societal context. But we also recognize that by concentrating our resources within our sphere of influence, Pen and Brush has the greatest chance of effecting real change for women in the arts.

Visit our website to learn more and to submit your work!