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07 Jan 2015

Open Call GROSSES TREFFEN: Deadline 21.1.2015

Design: Studio Manuel Raeder

GROSSES TREFFEN - Nordic Artists meet Berlin Curators in Berlin 26.4.2015
Nordic Embassies in Berlin


GROSSES TREFFEN 26. April 2015 Application deadline 21. January 2015 Online upload 7.- 21. January 2015

Kordula Fritze-Srbic

Nordic Embassies
Rauchstraße 1
Berlin 10787

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GROSSES TREFFEN / STORMÖTE / SUURI KOKOUS / STOR MØTE / LISTASTEFNA / STORMØDE is a one day network event that offers the opportunity for Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Faroese and Danish visual artists (artists, performers, sound artists as well as designers and architects working within the visual arts field) to do portfolio presentations and get acquainted with key agents of the Berlin's art scene according to their specific interests. This year participating artists will also be able to meet curators from Frankfurt.

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin will host the event where around 60 artists will be given the chance to meet curators representing a selection of vibrant art institutions. A jury will preselect the participating artists for GROSSES TREFFEN and the database based on their submitted portfolios (deadline: 21. January 2015).

Meet the reviewers:

Nico Anklam / Independent Curator
Ariane Beyn / Berliner Künstlerprogramm / DAAD
Jörn Burmester / Performer Stammtisch
Ellen Blumenstein / KW
Sol Calero / Christopher Kline / Kinderhook & Caracas
Ricarda Ciontos / Nordwind
Katharina Dohm / Schirn Kunsthalle
Power Ekroth / Independent Curator
Francesca Ferguson / urban drift projects
Sophie Goltz / nbk
Anne Goetz / MMK
Mika Hannula / Freelance Curator
Anja Marina Henckel / Nadim Julien Samman / Import Projects
Jule Hillgärtner / Ray
Susanne Husse / District
Nora Mayr / insitu
Bonaventure Ndikung / Savvy Contemporary
Heiko Pfreundt / Kreuzberg Pavillon
Marco Roso / DIS / Berlin Biennale
Lorenzo Sandoval / Independent Curator
Amelie Wedel / GRIMMUSEUM


In 2015 we launch a new online research database with Nordic artists profiles by GROSSES TREFFEN applicants. Due to the frequent quest of a mapping of both younger and established Nordic artists, we have created this database. The content of the database is made possible thanks to all the artists agreeing to deliver the documentation of their work. The project including the new database is supported by the Cultural Contact Point Nord and all the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

The database consists of submitted portfolios to GROSSES TREFFEN. An international jury selects the portfolios that are made public on this website. Furthermore as the application procedure from 2015 onwards will be electronic, applicants will automatically be asked to create a profile that can be selected for the database as well. This way many Nordic artists will have the chance to present their works to a wide international and professional audience.

The event GROSSES TREFFEN and the database is conceived by artistic director Solvej Helweg Ovesen and organised by the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.


GROSSES TREFFEN Nordic Embassies Felleshus 26 April 2015

Application deadline:
21 January 2015

Application begin:
7 January 2015

To apply please fill in the application online consisting of:
- filled out artist profile
- upload or create online portfolio/profile + CV (maximum 10 pictures, 12 pages, and 3 MB)
Please see FAQ for further information


Artistic Director: Solvej Helweg Ovesen
Nordic Embassies Team: Birgitte Tovborg Jensen (DK), Lena Kingelin (FI), Soffia Gunnarsdóttir (IS), Ida Svingen Mo (NO), and Grit Thunemann/Hanna Robertz (SE)
Artistic Coordinator: Kordula Fritze-Srbic
Graphic Design: Studio Manuel Raeder