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14 Aug 2014

Viktor Frešo : Art is Nice at Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Viktor Frešo : Art is Nice
Dvorak Sec Contemporary


19. 8. - 17. 9. 2014 Opening: 19.8.2014, 6.30 PM Curator: Vladimir Beskid


Dvorak Sec Contemporary
Dlouhá 5
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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The Slovak multimedia artist, Viktor Frešo (1974), develops simultaneously several visual production layers - starting with conceptual interventions through minimalist objects up to expressive mop painting. Every time he puts emphasis on one fierce gesture, a snapshot or an intervention while excluding mandatory aesthetic foreplay.

At the same time he maintains the provocativeness, irony and humorous distance.

The temporary collection of Viktor Frešo once again delivers inverse situations and images that go against the ingrained artistic perceptions. He creates unique connection between the folk and religious pseudo aesthetics.

He designs his own ost-pop version that has direct correlation with our cultural background and foreground.

Disgustingly beautiful flower ornaments in oval frames known from the bedrooms' of our religious grandmas accompanies with thickened spaces on canvas from a spray template resemble exclusive living room wallpapers

(Art is nice). Absurdly chrome coated imbedded mattock (Chrompáč) is featured in the background of these synthetic abstract paintings with expressive moves on exclusive mirrors. Object installation of an obstinate defiance and rebellion of an angry individual in an anonymous mass (Zrodenie Pičusa) is complemented with a glowing neon rhombus with the prophetic title painted in black on the top: „God is love'. It confirms Frešo's constant need of radical standpoints and elementary gestures and it reinforces the words that 'art is nice....'

Viktor Frešo : Art is Nice
Dvorak Sec Contemporary, 19. 8. - 17. 9. 2014
Opening: 19.8.2014, 6.30 PM
Curator: Vladimir Beskid

Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Dlouhá 5, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic