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27 May 2014

Enter Forum: Workshop 'Technologies and Surveillance' by A. Muntadas

Enter Forum


Workshop for public projects, open to artists, architects, urbanists, and to all fields of humanities.
17th and 18th June. 9 to 14 h. CCCB (Barcelona)
The workshop is free. There will be a selection of the 25 participants.
2nd June, 2014.


Enter Forum
Sombrerers, 9-11
08003 Barcelona

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Workshop for public projects
The contemporary city is full of control devices. Security cameras apply a vertical glance, operated by mechanisms of power, while all kind of mobile devices, from smartphones to the newly arrived Google Glass, forge a net of horizontal views. Internet, the other contemporary city, is now replacing the role of the traditional public space, and the user is subject to other control devices. These mechanisms act in an ambiguous way, sometimes invisible, property of a new private conglomerate of control of the information. The present workshop wants to provide a space of reflection about these problems, in which Antoni Muntadas will present his works. At the same time, he will propose a methodology of work from which specific projects of public nature can be elaborated.

Initial phase: June 17th and 18th: Methodology and definitions.
The workshop assistance is limited to 25 participants, selected from the inscriptions made from the registration page of the Enter Forum web site. As a requisite for the provisional booking, the applicant shall attach a motivation letter and a CV.