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07 May 2014

Marc Burckhardt: Mythmaker Opens at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami

Marc Burckhardt // Hypna // 15' diameter // acrylic and oil on wood panel

Marc Burckhardt: Mythmaker
Mindy Solomon Gallery


May 8 —July 26
Opening Reception Second Thursday, May 8th from 6 – 9pm Extended Hours 2nd Saturday, May 10th from 6 – 9pm

Mindy Solomon

Mindy Solomon Gallery
172 NW 24th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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'Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!'

-Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (excerpt)

MIAMI, FL—Mindy Solomon Gallery presents 'Mark Burckhardt: Mythmaker,' May 8th through July 26th at the gallery, 172 NW 24th St. in the Wynwood Art District, Miami. Marc Burckhardt's paintings are more than just meticulously articulated narratives referencing old masterworks and American primitivism. They are mythology in two-dimensional form. Each fastidiously placed line is a constructed intention, building a Tower of Babel before the eye. The viewer cannot simply look once to get the whole picture, but must continually revisit in order to find subtleties and contradictions within Burckhardt's perfectly composed imagery. What may appear as a simple bird or rabbit, for instance, becomes a metaphor for self-defilement, irony, and vanity. An Opening Reception will be held during the Wynwood Art District's Second Thursday event on Thursday, May 8th, from 6-9pm, and will also be on view for extended hours Second Saturday, May 10th, from 6-9pm.

Burckhardt writes about his work: 'I'm inspired by the artwork I stood in front of as a child. I grew up in Waco, Texas, immersed in the Southern Baptist culture, but my parents were both educators and we spent most of our summers in Europe. Those two different worlds shaped my future in art. I recall being taken in by the dark and serious nature of Flemish painters, and by the power of Byzantine icons. At the same time, I was always intrigued by the less formal approach of folk art, Mexican retablos, and other naive art. I also love the Mexican muralists, like Diego Rivera, whose storytelling ability, compositions, and geometric stylization have always been a real inspiration to me. In my own work, I enjoy the process of fabricating the look of these old relics, using found wood and other materials. I like the feel of wood as a painting surface because it adds another layer of texture and helps to create an object—something with real presence and history—as opposed to just another pretty picture.'

With influences ranging from the Flemish Masters to surrealism, Burckhardt's intricate visual world combines art historical references and dream-like imagery to present an allegorical narrative of personal and universal experience. His latest series of paintings for 'Mythmaker' utilizes myth as a vehicle for exploring the themes, symbols, and characters found in his body of work: subjects of love, sex, good and evil—realms of experience that define the human condition, and recurring motifs presented through metaphor. Intimate narratives flow through the vehicle of classical form and visual language, and familiar surfaces are transformed into mysterious, private spaces. 'I utilize the potent blend of romanticism and propaganda embedded in classical western visual forms to 'rediscover' the personal and moral meaning in these genres, and to transfom the familiar into the intimate,' Burckhardt explains.

Marc Burckhardt lives and works in Austin, in a 1910 farmhouse in the shadow of downtown. Born in Germany and raised in Texas, Burckhardt's work juxtaposes old world styles and symbols with current American themes. As a youth, Burckhardt traveled to Europe each year with his family, a tradition he continues today. The paintings, architecture, and perspectives he encounters in Europe, combined with his studies of art history, inform his work and convey modern ideas through thought-provoking scenarios. Through the study and use of old masters' techniques such as glazing and layering varnishes, he achieves the texture and luminosity that distinguish his paintings. The aged surfaces denote importance and gravity, which is then juxtaposed with Burckhardt's often quirky or mischievous subjects. In 2010, Burckhardt was honored to be named the Texas State Artist by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Commission on the Arts. He is a two-time Hunting Art Prize finalist, and has work in the collections of Sony Records, the W Hotel of Austin, Jann Wenner/Rolling Stone NYC, C3 Presents, Ralph Lauren, Patricia Arquette, and the Johnny Cash estate. His paintings have been included in national and international exhibits including SCOPE Basel and SCOPE New York.


Mindy Solomon Gallery specializes in contemporary emerging and mid-career artists. Represented works include painting, sculpture, photography, and video in both narrative and non-objective styles. Solomon also exhibits some of the most prestigious contemporary Korean artists on the world market. With an interest in client education, such as a collectors' tour to South Korea and regular artists' talks and VIP events, the gallery and its programs endeavor to showcase a unique and bold view of the international art world. Deeply interested in the intersection of art and design, Ms. Solomon and her team collaborate with designers, advisors, consultants and curators to inform and integrate fine works of art as part of a greater aesthetic. One of only six galleries in Florida to be included in 'Top 500 Galleries Worldwide' in the Louise Blouin Media Modern Painters 2013 Annual Guide, Mindy Solomon Gallery participates in many prestigious art fairs, including Art Miami during Basel's Art Week Miami Beach, Zona Maco Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico City, VOLTA NY, and Shanghai Contemporary.

The mission of the Mindy Solomon Gallery is to present the highest caliber works from emerging and mid-career artists in a broad spectrum of media. With a focus on context and the interconnectedness of material, Mindy Solomon and her staff approach the client/artist relationship with an interest in education and visual empowerment.