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06 Mar 2014

Call for applications: 2 professors in Artistic Research

2 professors in Artistic Research
University of the Arts Helsinki / Academy of Fine Arts


The Academy of Fine Arts is part of the University of the Arts Helsinki and offers first-class instruction in Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Site and situation specific arts. With a strong international outlook, it is also a pioneer in artistic research. The Academy has trained artists since 1848.

Sanna Yliheljo, Head of Study Affairs
+358 50 44 88 526

University of the Arts Helsinki / Academy of Fine Arts
PO Box 10
FI-00097 University of the Arts Helsinki

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The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts invites applications for a full-time and a part-time (50%) professorship in artistic research to be filled for a fixed term from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2019. The reason for offering the position on a fixed-term basis is the nature of the artistic teaching duties in question, the changing needs of artistic activity and teaching. The application period will open on 3 March and close on 28 March 2014 at 15.00 local Helsinki time (UCT+2). The professorships in artistic research are administratively based in the Academy's Postgraduate Programme.

Since 1997, the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts has offered the postgraduate degree of Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA). The Academy's doctoral education is coordinated through the Postgraduate Programme.
Doctoral students are experts in their field: visual artists with a strong research-oriented approach. They cultivate a conscious relationship with their artistic expression and need to investigate and develop practices and strategies of artistic work.
The purpose of doctoral education is to acquaint students in depth with research in the visual arts and its social significance. The goal is for students to obtain the skills needed to produce high-quality work that demonstrates their artistic maturity as well as the ability to work independently and creatively in their field and to apply methods of research in the visual arts to further develop their field.
The languages of teaching are Finnish and English.

Duties of the professor of artistic research

The professor will carry out artistic and theoretical work as well as provide teaching and supervision based thereon. The professor's other duties will include following developments in artistic research, bearing responsibility for the development of teaching, and participating in community interaction and international cooperation in the field.

The specific duties of the professor of artistic research will include the following:
• To manage the Academy's Postgraduate Programme (the full-time position)
• To provide and further develop teaching in the Postgraduate Programme
• To bear special responsibility for the teaching and individual supervision of doctoral students
• To supervise and examine theses
• To plan and design the Postgraduate Programme
• To participate in the collaboration between Academy study programmes and joint studies
• To carry out independent artistic and/or theoretical activities
• To participate in the Academy's administrative activities (including membership in administrative bodies or committees and related tasks as well as student admissions)
• To collaborate with the other academies at the University of the Arts Helsinki and with other universities and institutions
• To follow developments in the arts and to promote community interaction and international cooperation
• Other duties belonging or assigned to the professor

Qualification requirements

The qualification requirements for the professor of artistic research include artistic and/or theoretical merits and qualifications, good teaching skills and broad knowledge of contemporary art. A doctoral degree is required for the full-time position, and will be considered an asset in the part-time position.

The successful candidate will possess not only the above merits and qualifications, but also a special interest and enthusiasm for developing the field of teaching and education. The appointee must also be able to foster broad international cooperation. Consequently, he or she should have a vision for renewing artistic research while monitoring international developments in the field.

When assessing the merits of applicants, attention will focus on extensive competence in the field, experience of supervising research activities, teaching experience and pedagogical training. University-level teaching experience will be considered an asset.

How to apply

Applications, together with the required enclosures, should be submitted in four copies. All application documents should be submitted in English for the perusal of any international assessors.

Applications must include the following enclosures:
• A written report on the artistic and/or theoretical as well as teaching merits relevant to the position
• A portfolio indicating the applicant's key artistic and/or research activities as well as his or her view of current artistic research and vision for further developing the field
• A report on the applicant's key research as well as research approaches and methods
• A curriculum vitae
• A list of publications
• A certificate of language skills

Applications must be submitted by post to the following address: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Registry, PO Box 10, 00097 University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. The closing date for applications is 28 March 2014 at 15.00 local Helsinki time (UCT+2). Late applications will not be considered. The envelope should be marked: '(Part-time) professorship in artistic research'. The same application can be used to apply for both professorships in artistic research, but this must be clearly indicated on both the envelope and the application itself.

For more information see the complete Call for Applications at