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13 Mar 2014

Open Call for Resident Artists in Seoul

The 6th Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in 2014
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon


March 28, 2014 (by Korean time 24:00)
Residency Duration:
A. 2014.07~2014.09
B. 2014.10~2014.12
C. 2015.01~2015.03
D. 2015.04~2015.06
Financial Support: airplane ticket, residence, work spaces, project costs and PR costs, etc

Heena Lee

Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON
57 Beoman-ro, 15-gil
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-814
Korea, Republic of

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Application Guideline for 6th Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON in 2014

Please check our Blogspot !!!

○ Application Title: Invitation to 6th Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in 2014
○ Application Period: Friday, 28 February ~ Friday, 28 March 2014 (By Korean time 24:00)
○ Application Field: Visual Artist

○ Residency
1) Korean Artists
- The whole fields of visual arts: 9 artists (artist teams)
- Based on Community & Research: 2 artists (artist teams)
- Technology based on Media arts: 1 artist (artist teams)
2) International Artists
- The whole fields of visual arts: 13 artists (artist teams)
- Participate in Community & Research Project exhibition: 2 artists (artist teams)
※ Exhibition will be held in November

○ Residency Period (
1) Artists
- Korean: 1 year (2014.07.01. ~ 2015.06.30)
- International: 3 months
a. 2014.07.01 ~ 2014.09.30
b. 2014.10.01 ~ 2014.12.31
c. 2015.01.01 ~ 2015.03.31
d. 2015.04.01 ~ 2015.06.30

※ For former Korean residents, only 5th Resident artists are allowed to reapply while former international residents can apply without any limit on former residency. (Re-application will be permitted only once)
※ Artists participating during the period b will be required to participate in Community & Research Project exhibition

○ Support Details
1) Supports for International artists
- Financial aid for airplane ticket for one person (If it resided as a team, only one of team members would be supported)
- Hostel provided (Single room for 1 person or team, double room for group)
- Exemption from space fee and hostel charge
- Partial sponsorship of project costs will be offered to artists applying for the category of undertaking the Community & Research
2) Common supported both for Korean and International
- Studio (1 room for 1 person/team usually)
- Able to participate in the program at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
: Workshop, Community & Reaserch project, Education program, Da Vinci Idea, Expert support program, Open studio and exhibition, etc.
- Grant partially supported on exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon․
- PR supported in Korean and International (e.g. PR expenses of solo exhibition)
- Spaces and equipment using for Media Lab, warehouse (large workspace), tool room, seminar room and kitchen, etc

○ How to Apply

1) Application Period: Friday, 28 February ~ Friday, 28 March 2014
※ DEADLINE: 28 March 2014 (by Korean Time 24:00)
2) Application Submission
- received by e-mail at

3) Application Materials
- Application to residency, a Planning statement for creation, an Experience of Artwork, a Portfolio(File by ppt or pdf), a copy of passport.
4) Application packet is downloadable from
- Application
- Planning statement for creation: Present detailed data to be verified the possibility of realizing for creation after joining Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
- Experience for Artwork: document for experience in Korea or internationals for recent three years (mainly result of Artwork or result related with Planning Statement in residency)
※ In case of group, Experience for Artwork of each group members should be submitted
- List of group members: submitted in case of group

5) Portfolio: file by PowerPoint or PDF
- Including 20 images (with caption), articles or reports by mass media, critique, artist's note, or other documents for proving artworks (such as exhibition leaflets, cover of picture book including images)
- Video works must be edited to run for no longer than three minutes and submitted in .avi, .mov or .mpeg4 format
- As file size is limited to 40MB, Portfolio and video files should be edited to the limit

6) A Copy of passport

※ Artists applying for the category of undertaking the Community & Research Project from October through December 2014 must complete and submit their work proposal and portfolio formatted as appropriate for the concerning project

※ The Community & Research Project, as defined by Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, is as follows:

'Community art' as defined and sponsored by Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is a form of activity possessing a significance beyond an individual's artistic achievements, finds entrance into a locality but is not premised on any aims of specifically contributing to the region, and includes the instances of a formation of ephemeral relational networks, archiving and instances adopting 'the local' as their aesthetic subject matter, etc., none of which are premised on any collaboration with a community.
However, such activities are ultimately aimed at contributing to the cultural bases of local communities.
The physical range and issues of the Research Project Seoul Art Space Geumcheon sponsors is to be limited to the Seoul area.

○ Qualification for Applying

1) Common both for Korean and International
- Individual or group can join in Residency programs and international co-works
- Overseas group having one or two artists (assuming double room at hostel)
2) No application allowed for following groups
- Overseas, group or association having three or more artists
- University student on the register (group including student will depended on committee's decision)
- Association composed of memberships
- Society organized by school, religious or friendship group not having goal for genuine artwork

○ Selection Process to Resident Artist

1) 1st review: document screening
2) 2nd review: presentation for evaluation (need to prepare the presentation with PPT or PDF format file)
※ 2nd review is for Korean candidates passed through 1st review, and International artists are not required to participate in the 2nd review

○ Schedule of Evaluations and Announcement of Successful Applicants
1) 1st review: Tuesday, 15th, April, 2014
2) Announcement of candidates passed 1st review: Thursday, 17th, April, 2014
3) 2nd review: Friday, 2th, May, 2014 (For candidates passed through the 1st review)
4) Final Announcement of Successful Applicants: Thursday, 15th, May, 2014
※ Actual schedule could be adjusted by evaluation conditions

○ Announcement of Successful Applicants
- Notice on the blogspot and be informed individually

○ More information to Contact
- Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon <>
- Phone : +82-(0)2-807-4138
- E-mail :