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04 Nov 2014

Call for Artists – Deadline November 10, 2014

Lewis Davidson, Eighteen Flags, 2014
Installation view, Art@Tell - Edition 2/2014

Call for Artists – Deadline November 10, 2014
University of St. Gallen


Deadline for Submissions : Monday, November 10, 2014 Exhibition: March 2015 – September 2015

Deborah Keller
+41 (0)71 224 2566

University of St. Gallen
Gatterstrasse 1
9010 St.Gallen

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Art@Tell was launched in 2013 and aims to offer a platform to visual artists who are currently not represented by art dealers or gallerists.
Twice a year, independent artists have the opportunity to submit projects for a recently acquired building of the University at Tellstrasse 2 in St.Gallen. A curator will choose five projects from the applications received that will then be exhibited for six months in the school building.
The University will assume the full costs for transport of the artwork, as well as for the artist's travel to Switzerland for the installation and opening of the exhibition.

Conditions for Applicants

• The applicant is not supported by a gallery, art consultant, or any other kind of commercial professional.
• Preferably, the applicant has concluded his/her studies at an art academy.

Required Application Documents

• Short written description of the project in English (one page maximum) and sketches, visualizations or, if already available, photographs of it.
• Portfolio of the artist's work in general.
• Short CV in tabular form and full exhibition history.
• If available: copy of the diploma certificate from the art academy where the applicant has graduated.
• Optional: a maximum of three catalog or newspaper articles, reviews, texts (online editions are welcome too) on works or exhibitions of the artist.
Please note: All documents must be provided in a PDF format or, for images, in JPEG (with no more than 5 MB per image) and sent to

Application deadline is Sunday, November 10, 2014.

For any questions, please contact the Art@Tell curator Deborah Keller at
We look forward to your application!