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05 Nov 2014

Nuno Sousa Vieira at Galeria Graça Brandão

Nuno Sousa Vieira
'Sala de exposição/Vista exterior', 2010
Inkjet print on cotton paper
23 x 35cm

Uma Vida Inteira (A Lifetime)
Nuno Sousa Vieira | Galeria Graça Brandão


Opening - 8th of November. Can be visited until the 29th of November. Monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. From 11am to 5pm, last entrance at 4pm.

Nuno Sousa Vieira
+351 962 712 456

Antiga Fábrica de Plásticos Simala | Former Simala Plastic Factory
Rua Coronel José Pereira Pascual
2410-495 Leiria

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'Uma Vida Inteira (A Lifetime)' is the result of a work I have been uninterruptedly developing since 2010. This works has as its referent is a very specific space in my studio, on former Fábrica de Plásticos Simala site, its exhibition room, the first room on the left when entering. This room has been the subject of profound work, being the origin of two artworks: 'Sala de Exposição' (destroyed) and 'Sala de Exposição - Peça de Representação'.

'Uma Vida Inteira' is an exhibition where the works have as raw material the wood from 'Sala de Exposição', destroyed so that the project could be continued, using its material to build the following works.

Installation script:

1. From its structural point, the room is 20,8m2, has one door and a gallery of windows 100 cm high, occupying almost completely one of walls.

2. For the project were built, using the wood from Sala de Exposição, a door (the original had been used for Peça para Guardar), six shutters, three elements that allow the windows to be closed and a chair.

3. Inside the room, the spectator has a ream of squared paper, a pencil and a graphite stick, a backpack hanging on the wall that the spectator can use to keep his belongings and a photographic camera. Little above the backpack, is a fresh water canteen and on the left side, a plastic bag with three apples and a banana.

4. The exhibition Uma Vida Inteira can only be visited by appointment.

5. Only one person is allowed at each time.

6. The spectator should stay in the room preferably between 1 and 3 hours (maximum).

7. The visitor will chose day and time; I will accompany him to the studio and to the
exhibition room, review with him the project's instructions, hand him the room's key and will then leave him on his own.

8. When the visitor wishes to, he will leave and I will walk him back out.