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20 Oct 2014

Eksperimenta! invites school groups – step out of the classroom!

Photo by Reinis Oliņš, Latvian National Centre for Culture

Eksperimenta! Art and Science
Sally Stuudio


International youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! opening on 23rd October at 17.00 in Tallinn St. Catherine's Church Tallinn St Catherine's Church and Hopner House 23. October to 23. November 2014,
Tue-Sun 11-18 Programme for school classes

Maris Hellrand

Sally Stuudio
Aia 13b/Uus 16
10505 Tallinn

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Eksperimenta! invites school groups – step out of the classroom!

International youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! offers school programmes for students from Estonia and abroad to take a hands-on approach to contemporary art.

Eksperimenta! presents artworks with the topic 'Art and Science' of 14-19 year old artists from 10 countries in Tallinn's St Catherine's Church and Hopner House from 23 October to 23 November. From 31st October school groups can attend a guided workshop-lesson 'Make your own Eksperimenta!' to study contemporary art and try curating an exhibition by themselves. 'Make your own Eksperimenta!' sheds light on how to understand and decipher art. The programme helps to understand the process of analyzing artworks and offers a playful opportunity for the participants to re-curate the E! exhibition according to a specific theme and create a new exhibition project based on their own concept. Booking:

In cooperation with the sub-festival of the acclaimed Black Nights Film Festival, the youth film festival JustFilm, Eksperimenta! offers a day full of contemporary culture in Tallinn. 'Eksperimenta! + JustFilm = J' – combine an exhibition experience with an afternoon film screening. The programme takes place from 14th to 23rd November from Tuesday to Sunday. Film festival schedule is available at from 1st November. To book, please email:

In addition, Eksperimenta! exhibitions can be visited completely free of charge by booking your visit at least 24 hours in advance at and looking at the exhibition either on your own or grabbing a free worksheet 'Art & Science', which helps to explain and focus on the most exciting works at the triennial. The worksheets are available at the triennial venue free of charge from 1st November. The worksheets are in Estonian and English.