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15 Oct 2014

T.I.N.A. Platform - Open call: 5 solo shows in Berlin.

Photo: Corpo 6 Galerie, 'The eternal present of the mother', exhibition view of Fabio Campagna's solo.

A network of galleries, exhibition spaces and curators is interested in valuing your work to create new projects in Berlin.
T.I.N.A. Platform


T.I.N.A. is an art prize open to artists of all ages, medium and nationality. Connect yourself with 5 galleries in Berlin and our board of 27 wordwide curators.


Associazione Radar
via Bortolazzi, 57
30027 S. Donà di Piave - Venice

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T.I.N.A. is an international platform for artists which allows you to establish links with galleries, exhibition spaces and curators, whom are interested in valuing your work to create new projects and further collaborations. Our Berlin edition has a jury composed by 5 galleries. Each gallery shall select an artist to organize his/her solo show in 2015. Furthermore, your work shall be viewed and valued by our international team of 27 curators.

Galleries in jury:

Bauchhund Salonlabor;
Corpo 6 Galerie;
StudioGalerie Miriam Wuttke, Silver & Pitt;

Our curatorial board:
Felipe Abreu. Los Angeles, California;
Rocío Aguilar Nuevo. Turin, Italy;
Hugo Ares. Toronto, Canada;
Savona Bailey-McClain. New York City;
Laura Benítez Valero. Barcelona, Spain;
Marnie Benney. Baltimore, Maryland;
Elizabeta Betinski. Los Angeles, California;
Luisa Fraile. Amsterdam, Netherlands;
Sara González Arjona. Madrid, Spain and New York City;
Helena Grande. Amsterdam, Netherlands;
Karen Gutfreund. San Jose, California;
Courtney Malick. Los Angeles, California;
Katia Muñoz. Barcelona, Spain;
Katerina Nikou. Athens, Greece;
Ece Pazarbasi. Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey;
Antonia Pilarinos. Athens, Greece;
Svetlana Racanovic. Podgorica, Montenegro;
Elvira Rilova. Madrid, Spain;
Meritxell Sánchez Cid. Madrid, Spain;
Luisa Santos. Lisbon, Portugal;
Zsuzsanna Stanitz. London, United Kingdom;
Markéta Stará. Lisbon, Portugal and Prague, Czech Republic;
Carmen Stolfi. Rome, Italy;
Nimrod Vardi. London, United Kingdom;
Marilyn Volkman. The Hague, Netherlands;
Marta Wroblewska. Gdańsk, Poland;
Consuelo Vento Martí. Valencia, Spain.

T.I.N.A. is a service open to artists of all ages, medium and nationality. The basic application fee is 35 euros. The deadline is fixed for the 31th October 2014. Before this date artists can subscribe and publish their portfolio to a personal profile page on our website. During this time you are able to update and add new artworks to your personal profile page, view other artists' page and to check preferences towards your artworks by curators and galleries.
Any request for help or assistance can be sent to our email address at