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02 Oct 2014

Olaf Brzeski at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

'Dry and Moist' sketch, Courtesy of Artist Olaf Brzeski

Dry and Moist


Until 20 November 2014 Visiting Hours: Everyday excep Saturdays & Fridays + National Holidays

Vazir Ayat


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KAAF is pleased to announce its first project by Polish artist, Olaf Brzeski,curated by Alireza Labeshka in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Having two artist residencies in Tehran enabled Olaf Brzeski to view the city through his intuitive perspective. He draws a kind of Geography of Desire in restricted culture of a middle east city, and he focused again on his main current concern, desire, in the context of Tehran. His study lead him to make a big metaphorical sculpture made out of natural elements like clay (adobe) which is reminiscent of materials used in traditional houses in central dry Iran and Tehran, trees' moist branches and leafs. It seems he found a forgotten treasure, desire, in a box, hung out of mud, out of which is associated with sin in a dry and neat context.

'Dry and Moist' exhibition will be hold in Sculptures Court of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for two months begins from 22 September 2014.