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21 Jan 2014

Miguel Vieira Baptista at EMPTY CUBE project

© Miguel Vieira Baptista

'Aula de Ginástica' [Gymnastics Class]


one nigth event at 10 pm

João Silvério
00 351 919379652

Rua Acácio de Paiva, 27
1700-004 Lisboa

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Miguel Vieira Baptista presents the first project of EMPTY CUBE for 2014, in Lisbon, at the Appleton Square gallery. 'Aula de Ginástica' [Gymnastics Class] is a project in which this designer examines the conceptual nature of EMPTY CUBE as both a space and an ephemeral moment.
The title 'Aula de Ginástica' [Gymnastics Class] evokes a notion of time, a unit, a moment, a class, an exercise or set of exercises and, in this particular case, a spatial construction based on mental exercises that correspond to a set of reflections on the possibility and fulfillment of a project. Its presence is absence circumscribed by a geography that radically affects the EMPTY CUBE project in terms of its display potential: in what it shows for a single, unrepeatable moment and in the rarefaction of its space as the symbolic place of the exhibitive project.
Alongside this, designer Vieira Baptista combines a number of models and prototypes to reveal methodologies and processes that present the ephemeral as a transitory moment in the creative process itself, without losing sight of the viewer's itinerary, which leads to a surprisingly deceptive plane. However, the geography and concomitant geometry imposed by his reflection on this project make it possible to visually construct the vectors of a now imaginary space that repeats itself in the memory of past EMPTY CUBE projects. EMPTY CUBE itself is suggested by the action of someone who intervenes in a space, be it the same space with which we are familiar or a different one, defined by Miguel Vieira Baptista's design pieces on the walls of the host space, the Appleton Square gallery.