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15 Jan 2014

radioCona REuseCITY:REuseRADIO, 15 – 20 Jan 2014, FM / online / gallery exhibition

Anna Friz

radioCona REuseCITY:REuseRADIO
CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing


radioCona FM 88.8MHz broadcast (Ljubljana) and stream on, from 15 - 20 January 2014, every day from around 7:15 pm Anna Friz : City at Night (exhibition), 16 – 24 January 2014


KC Tobačna 001
1000 Lljubljana

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Dear soundart and radioart artists and followers. You are cordially invited to:

- tune in and listen: radioCona broadcast on FM 88.8 MHz (Ljubljana) and stream on, from 15 - 20 January 2014, every day from around 7:15 pm

- attend: Anna Friz : City at Night, (16 – 24 January 2014), KC Tobačna 001, Tobačna ulica 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia

- get onboard: live performances by Anna Friz, Kathy Kennedy, Brane Zorman, Jeff Kolar and Volkmar Klien

- re-listen radioCona REuseCITY:REuseRADIO retransmissions on: Radio Student, Ljubljana, Slovenia; CoLaboRadio Berlin, Germany; Wave Farm/ WGXC, New York; Radius, Chicago, USA; NO FM, Belgrade, Serbia.

Curators: Anna Friz, Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik, Brane Zorman

radioCona REuseCITY:REuseRADIO
is a research-exhibition project that takes place simultaneously at an FM frequency, in a gallery, and in urban space. The project focuses on a parallel process of potential uses of the city and radio frequencies.
The exhibition listens to the environment to uncover its hidden potential, drawing attention to its fluid and mutable nature and to how one perceives instabilities in the environment. The participating artists respond and play with contingency by marking their locations, using transmission technologies to reframe space. The selection and presentation of their diverse sonoric poetics seek to unveil the patterns embedded in an environment, our ingrained ways of perceiving the city and electromagnetic territories, and to incise them, transform them, and open them up to unexplored possibilities.

radioCona REuseCityREuseRadio is a collaborative work with the Canadian artist Anna Friz, who has been creating new installation, performance, and broadcast works under the title City at Night during her two-month residency in Ljubljana. She frames the city at night as 'a space of potential: filled with pleasure and danger, subversion, reclamation, and escape; described by its transformation from the quotidian arena of day into sites of shadow, ambiguity, and reverie. The nocturnal world of radio is a similarly charged space of potential, relieved of the routines of the working day. Electro-magnetic activity is the invisible print of the city, with overlapping fields of activity passing through the built environment. Signals converge and the city is imagined and made. City at Night seeks to rethink and reframe the urban through its nocturnal signals and through incursions across the social spaces and empty places of the city after dark.'

The exhibition brings together Slovenian and international artists working in radio art. Artists from the region were invited to take part in a workshop organized in collaboration with Anna Friz, to explore possible approaches to examining nocturnal cityscapes through the use of radio technologies. New sonic productions were developed at the workshop. Thus in addition to presenting the curators' selection of existing radio art works, the exhibition also serves to premiere new works made at the workshop by Marko Batista, Simon Macuh, OR poiesis, Maria Papadomanolaki, Irena Pivka, Mikro, Vasja Progar and Brane Zorman.

Wednesday, 15 January at 7:15 pm

Premiere of sound art works developed in the frame of Cona production: Vasja Progar A Study in RFI; Marko Batista Night After Night; Maria Papadomanolaki To Begin Is To Follow On From; Irena Pivka Daybreak 6.1; Simon Macuh Huuummmmming of the Pyramid; Brane Zorman Field Frequency Flux; OR poiesis Forbidden reading; Mikro Loop;

Thursday, 16 January at 7:16 pm
Tobacna001 and radioCona
8:00 pm - Anna Friz: City at Night, opening with live performance
10:30 pm – 7:00 am - retransmission on the waves of Radio Student
11:00 pm - Anna Friz and Brane Zorman, simultaneous transmission on two FM frequencies: 88.8MHz (radioCona) and 89.3MHz (Radio Student), 4 channel FM live composition

Friday, 17 January at 7:17 pm
Tobačna001; radioCona celebrates Art's 1,000,051st birthday with retransmission party with cake
10:40 pm - Anna Friz (radioCona, Ljubljana), Maja Osojnik (Kunstradio, Vienna):
Trans Local, interactive live performance

Saturday, 18 January at 12 a.m.

Ljubljana city centre
12:00 - Kathy Kennedy in collaboration with the Slovenian Choir of Architects: Hmmm, urban soundscape performance in a loop with radio

Sunday, 19 January at 7:19 p.m.
Tivoli Castle – staircase, Park Tivoli, Ljubljana (assembly at 7.00 pm)
Brane Zorman: Field Frequency Flux, In-situ soundwalk

Monday, 20 January, 7:20 p.m.
7:20 pm - Jeff Kolar: ALERT! Transmission, Playback and Remix, lecture
7:50 pm - Volkmar Klien: Sounds and their Consonances, lecture
8:30 pm - Jeff Kolar: GSM Buzz, live performance
9:00 pm - Volkmar Klien: Zeugnisse vergangener Lebensformen, live performance

Wednesday 15 and Friday 17 January from 7:15 to 10 p.m.

Taxi parking lot, Šubičeva 2, Ljubljana
radioCona Taxi listening hub
apply at:

* all times listed UTC/GMT +1 hour

Authors of long form works:
Anna Friz, Stéphane Claude, Absolute Value of Noise (Peter Courtemanche),
Floriane Pochon and Étienne Noiseau, Jean-Philippe Renoult and DinahBird, Stephen Germana, Mario Gauthier
Broadcast FM exhibition also features artists:
Christian Calon and Chantal Dumas, Jay Needham, HAK Lo-Fi Record collective, Aki Onda, Kabir Carter, The Propagations, Mario Verandi, Automating, Emiliano Zelada, Henry Gwiazda, Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren, Steve Bradley, Andrea Polli, Brendan Baylor, Radio Cegeste, Ronald Coulter, Valentina Villarroel Ambiado, Yair López, Zahra Mani and Daniel Premec.

For a complete programming, announcements and stream links point to:

Anna Friz is Cona's residency artist at KC Tobačna 001.

Produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing
Co-producer: KC Tobačna 001, MGML
Partners: Austrian Cultural Forum, The Canada Council for the Arts
In collaboration with: OE Oddajniki in zveze RTV Slovenija (OE Transmitters and Communications)

The programme of CONA Institute is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department of Culture

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