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06 Jan 2014

Social Networking for Gallerists and Art Professionals: online course by Node Center

Social Networking for Gallerists and Art Professionals: online course by Node Center
Node Center for Curatorial Studies


Duration: January 28 to February 18 2014 Application deadline: January 22 2014 Participation fee: 145€

Lauren Reid

Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Waldemarstr. 37A
Berlin 10999

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Duration: January 28 – February 18 2014
Application deadline: January 22 2014

Lecturer: James Michael Shaeffer, Jr

Node Center's Online Program offers those interested in contemporary art practices the opportunity to extend their experience in an internationally oriented e-learning program.

Our Virtual Learning Environment facilitates rich interaction through multimedia material, weekly video-conferences, practical exercises and personal feedback from the lecturers.


This course examines the practical and successful strategies of social networking for professionals in the art world. Artists, curators and gallerists in the past decade have introduced social networking as a necessary tool for increasing global visibility as well as for community outreach. Institutions such as the Sculpture Center or New Museum have utilized sites like Tumblr or Facebook to increase their base significantly. For instance, by getting featured on the Tumblr art directory galleries like LVL3 in Chicago and REFERENCE Art Gallery in Richmond, Virginia have garnered over 100,000 online followers each despite their relatively remote locations. As the world heads further towards globalization, social networking platforms have become an essential aspect within the artistic community.

Participants in the course will learn successful strategies on maintaining an online platform, as well as how to boost public interest and which content can bring in the best audiences. They will create a blog as well as a Facebook page and design and implement a strategy to utilize them within their professional practice. At the completion of the course, participants will have an increased knowledge of not only social networking, but it's history, how to take advantage of it and most importantly how to attain a large digital footprint.

Full information and program:

Participation fee: 145€

To apply please fill in this application form:

How does it work?:

*Online material available 24/7 during the duration of the course and 4 weekly video-conferences every Tuesday at 7pm Central European Time. The video conferences will be recorded for the participants who can't attend on real time.