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20 Sep 2013

David Tremlett and Michel Verjux at A arte Studio Invernizzi, Milan

David Tremlett
'Construct', 2013
Pastel, 210x245 cm

Michel Verjux
'Mini-découpe mur/plafond (source au sol)', 2013

Courtesy A arte Studio Invernizzi, Milan
Photo Bruno Bani, Milan

David Tremlett Michel Verjux. The space of a duo
A arte Studio Invernizzi


Tueday 24 September 2013, 6.30 p.m.
24 September - 21 November 2013
Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-1 p.m., 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Saturday by appointment

Epicarmo Invernizzi
0039 0229402855
0039 0229402855

A arte Studio Invernizzi
Via D. Scarlatti 12
20124 Milan

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The A arte Studio Invernizzi gallery will opening on Tuesday 24 September at 6.30 p.m. the exhibition 'The Space of a Duo' with the presentation of works by David Tremlett and Michel Verjux.
Ideated in relation to the gallery space, the exhibition is presented as the result of an active collaboration between the English and the French artist.
The upper floor of the gallery will exhibit works carried out individually. In the first room Michel Verjux has created a luminous projection in which a band of light, starting out from the ceiling, crosses the exhibition space, remaining tangent to the wall, illuminating a semicircular portion of one of the room's walls, opening itself to the possibility of an intense dialogue with the volumetric articulation and spatiality of the gallery's ambient. In the adjoining room David Tremlett is presenting a corner-based intervention created with graphite and colour pigments by way of a progression of variously sized horizontal bands that are tangential which redefine the spatial perception of the spectator.
David Tremlett will also present the work entitled 'Construct' at the gallery entrance which communicates with the work by Michel Verjux entitled 'Mini-découpe mur/plafond (source au sol)' at the lower floor, where the two artists have worked together to carry out two works which establish a close dialogical tie between the poetic of Verjux's perception of light and Tremlett's research of physical and volumetric articulation.
'The former 'Ambi-balance', for the wall on the right, is made up of two semicircles which are arranged on the wall in such a way that each touches the floor, one by Verjux and the other by Tremlett. The starting point was the selection of a geometry: a circle was 'decomposed' into two parts and overturned on one side in such a way as to create two identical forms although having opposed direction and orientation. [...] 'Zipped' on the other hand flanks two stable forms, a square and a rectangle, with two thin strips, two side 'zips', two moments of interruption of the blazing light and the darkness. Also in this case the two artists alternated their intervention in the composition of the work and to the same degree: the two large forms, the one projected and the other created by the application of grease, are placed in reciprocal contact and flanked, at their ends, by two thin bands that fragment the disconcerting continuity between two such different matters and masses, introducing a rhythm that 'starts up', that 'activates' the work'.

On the occasion of the exhibition a bilingual catalogue will be published with the reproductions of the works on show, an introductory essay by Elena Forin, a poem by Carlo Invernizzi and up-to-date biographical and bibliographical notes.