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17 Sep 2013

Motorenhalle Dresden: The Manufacturing Factor - Of crocheting, sawing, soldering, networking...

Alexander Clauß, Dresden, 2013

THE MANUFACTURING FACTOR - Of crocheting, sawing, soldering, networking...
Motorenhalle. project center for contemporary art Dresden


Opening at September 18 at 8 pm
exhibition times from Tuesday to Friday from 4 to 8 pm, saturday from 2 to 6 pm
videoevening with Fridl Kubelka in speach with Rike Frank at Octobre 23, 8 pm
roboterperformance with BBM at 13 and 14 December, 8 pm

Frank Eckhardt

riesa efau. Cultural Forum Dresden
Adlergasse 14
01326 Dresden

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Todays do it yourself (DIY) movement is developing between the conflicting priorities of the resurgence of older handwork techniques and the advent of affordable 3D printers .

When you are ready to send me the text about money - then I'm ready to get on with it. Hope to come to the opening next week .

We would like to devote the exhibition, workshops, dialogues, films and further formats to this social trend of doing together and thereby look beyond the hemisphere of the artistic firmament.

We will present artworks or its documentations which take up such forms of grassroots production, or which are based on forms of home production unusual even to the field of art or reflect on the DIY movement. In addition, the Motorenhalle itself will become an open workshop place.

During the opening of the exhibition you can make your own wallet from tetra-packs with Werk.Stadt.Laden Löbtau


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