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14 Sep 2013

P.O.S.T. – People Organized for Spontaneous Transfers

P.O.S.T. – People Organized for Spontaneous Transfers


Associate project of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Project runs from from
September 23rd to October 9th 2013


P.O.S.T. – People Organized for Spontaneous Transfers

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P.O.S.T. – People Organized for Spontaneous Transfers is looking for people who want to join an experimental game between Lisbon and Marseille. You do not have to live in one of the cities to participate!

The history of message-delivery is the history of man trying to overcome distance to the others, sharing his ideas in order to create a symbolic world that helps him to transcend solitude. Until recent centuries, the only way to increase the speed of communication has been to improve the speed of the messenger. Nowadays, our current technologies allows us to reduce the equation time/distance, so that we receive instant messages and information from all around the world. However, as Franco (Bifo) Berardi remarks, this acceleration reduce our capacity to feel empathy because the time available to respond to the constant stimulus is too short.

P.O.S.T. aims to explore the interpersonal ties needed to create alternative ways of data transfer beyond the regular ones. For this purpose, we would like to build a network of people that supports in different ways the message delivery between Lisbon and Marseille from September 23rd to October 9th 2013. This network fosters personal encounters and is based on trust, good intentions and reliability.

If you live in Lisbon or Marseille, you can become 'sender-recipient' or 'network'. The first means that you decide about the message content and/or you are addressed by it. To become 'network' means that you are a fundamental part of the process: you support the message delivering in some way within your everyday life. You can also suggest strategies for transferring information.

Do you want to participate? Please write to

P.O.S.T. is a project by Valeria Schwarz for Sound Development City 2013