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13 Sep 2013

Thessaloniki Biennal

Thessaloniki Fog II, 2009
Inkjet print mounted on d-bont, framed
120 x 300 cm
Courtesy TinT gallery, Thessaloniki

Everywhere but now
Art for the World


Opening September 18 at 20 Sept 19, 2013 through Jan 31, 2014

Chrysa Zarkali
0030 2310589141-152
0030 2310600123

Thessaloniki Biennal
various locations

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Παντού αλλά Τώρα

Central Exhibition of the 4. Biennial of Thessaloniki
Concept and Curatorship: Adelina von Fürstenberg, President of the NGO ART for The World

Opening Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Exhibition from September 19, 2013 through January 31, 2014

EVERYWHERE BUT NOW closely relates the question of space (Everywhere) of different genius loci in the Mediterranean area with the question of time (Now) of creation in our contemporary world. Around the Mediterranean sea several civilizations have contributed to the growth and to the political, economical, artistic and technological development of the area. On the other hand, its borders are observatories of uncertainties and perplexities, of differences between nations, religions, and cultures; they are areas of geographical and historical contrasts between wealth and poverty, political stability and insecurity as well as natural beauty, pollution and human tragedies. EVERYWHERE BUT NOW will be an interactive, powerful and subtle artistic face-to-face, where the public – meeting the artists and their works, exchanging past and present knowledge and experience – will rediscover today's composite realities around the Mediterranean and further more.

Over 50 artists from 25 countries - from Brazil and Cuba to Iran and India, as well as many Mediterranean countries, including 11 artists from Greece - will present their works, using all media such as painting, sculpture, photography, video installation, performance, etc.

The participating artists and filmmakers are: Marina Abramović (Serbia), Ghada Amer (Egypt), John Armleder (Switzerland), Maja Bajević (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bill Balaskas (Greece/Thessaloniki), Lenora de Barros (Brazil), Beforelight (Greece/Thessaloniki), Jacques Berthet (Switzerland), Nigol Bezjian (Syria), Mohamed Bourouissa (Algeria/France), Marie Bovo (Spain), David Casini (Italy), Sheba Chhachhi (India), Claire Fontaine (France), Jordi Colomer (Spain), Marta Dell'Angelo (Italy), Desertmed Collective (Italy/Germany), Haris Epaminonda (Cyprus), Inci Eviner (Turkey), Ymane Fakhir (Morocco/France), Parastou Forouhar (Iran), Apostolos Georgiou (Greece/Thessaloniki), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Hüseyin Karabey (Turkey), Gülsün Karamustafa (Turkey), Iseult Labote (Greece/Switzerland), Ange Leccia (France),  Los Carpinteros (Cuba), DeAnna Maganias (Greece), Marcello Maloberti (Italy), Miltos Manetas (Greece), Mark Mangion (Malta), Liliana Moro (Italy), Adrian Paci (Albania), Rosana Palazyan (Brazil), Jafar Panahi (Iran), Maria Papadimitriou (Greece), Dan & Lia Perjovschi (Romania), Paris Petridis (Greece/Thessaloniki), Ivan Petrović (Serbia), Khalil Rabah (Palestine), Philip Rantzer (Israel), Zineb Sedira (Algeria), Veronica Smirnoff (Russia/UK), Priscilla Tea (Italy), Panos Tsagaris (Greece), Maria Tsagkari (Greece), Gal Weinstein (Israel), Peter Wüthrich (Switzerland), Raed Yassin (Lebanon), Yiorgis Yerolymbos (Greece) and Vasilis Zografos (Greece/Thessaloniki).
Chief Curator of the Central Exhibition: Adelina von Fürstenberg
Exhibition Designer: Arch. Uliva Velo

Central Exhibition venues: Alatza Imaret, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Geni Tzami, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Pavillion 6 (Thessaloniki International Trade Fair area), State Museum of Contemporary Art (Moni Lazariston).

For the first time, a large part of the Biennale Central Exhibition will be hosted in the Pavillion 6 (Thessaloniki International Trade Fair area), urging the visitors to explore the Thessaloniki city centre, and discover the monuments along with the old and contemporary history of the city.

Participating countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, USA.

The 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art will open on September 18 with the inauguration of the exhibition EVERYWHERE BUT NOW. On the same time, parallel exhibitions by the '5 Museums' Movement in Thessaloniki' will be open, while other events (performances and workshops), as well as exhibitions of the collections of the State Museum of Contemporary Art will be inaugurated during the following months by Katerina Koskina, Director of the Thessaloniki Biennale and the President of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

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