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11 Sep 2013

Ignasi Aballí at EMPTY CUBE project

Ignasi Aballí



One night exhibiton,
13 September, at 10 p.m.

João Silvério
+351 919379652

Rua Acácio de Paiva 27 R/c
1700 - 004 Lisboa

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EMPTY CUBE returns to the space of the Appleton Square gallery, in Lisbon, Portugal, to present a project by artist Ignasi Aballí on September 13, 2013. The project, which will be attended by the artist, was specially conceived for this event, which consists of a single, unrepeatable presentation.

The title of this ephemeral work, 'Três Horas de Luz' [Three Hours of Light], indirectly but pointedly conveys to us the artist's language, as well as his rapport with time as one of the main elements that allow the artistic object to manifest as a material event, sometimes under the guise of a simulation.

The project is closely linked with EMPTY CUBE's conceptual features (both as a temporally defined event and in terms of its spatial and architectural construction), bringing into question its taxonomy and role as a place where artistic discourse is displayed before our eyes and minds.

During this unrepeatable occasion, Ignasi Aballí will add a new twist (which can only be experienced in front of the piece itself) to the rapport between the viewer, the temporary premises of EMPTY CUBE and the gallery that hosts it, as these spaces are seemingly reconfigured by light, which fashions and transforms them.

This work will be photographically documented, and some of the photos will be displayed on