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22 Aug 2013

Aperture magazine #212 OUT NOW

Aperture, Fall 2013 'Playtime'
Aperture Foundation



+1 212 505 5555

Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10001

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The fall 2013 issue of Aperture, the third featuring the magazine’s dramatic reconceptualization and redesign, is organized around the theme of “Playtime.” This issue explores how photography illuminates, facilitates, and participates in the many definitions of play—from humor and jokes to music and theater. 

WORDS—The sharpest ideas in photography
Artist and composer Christian Marclay explores the sonic dimension of images
Robin Kelsey considers artists inspired by folly
Tim Davis diagnoses photogeliophobia: fear of funny photography
Erwin Wurm discusses his spontaneous sculptures and photography with Max Hollein
Brian Droitcour questions “play” in the age of information
David Campany on Jacques Tati’s film Playtime and its influence on still photography
Artist Sophie Calle discusses her poetic series on stolen art

PICTURES—The magazine’s visual showcase
Jo Ann Callis’s provocative color photographs from the 1970s
Vintage images of the Night Climbers of Cambridge
Bruno Ceschel curates a contemporary Swiss Mess
Kazuyoshi Usui inhabits the imaginary Showa 88 era
James Mollison’s latest work, Playgrounds
Bruno Munari’s twentieth-century new media and performance photos
Eva Stenram’s Drape: found-image montages of 1960s pinup girls

What Matters Now?

Contributions by Ted Conover, Eric Zimmerman, Laura Kurgan, and David McConville

Aveek Sen on Italo Calvino’s “The Adventure of a Photographer”

Prajna Desai on Mumbai

Collectors: The Filmmakers
Contributions by Abbas Kiarostami, Matt Wolf, Mike Mills, and Jan de Bont

Studio Visit
Eric Banks visits the East Village studio of Saul Leiter

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