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19 Aug 2013

'Cave Dwellers' at 'Machine Room' Stadtbad Steglitz, Berlin

Abe Rechterschot
Nadine Hattom

Cave Dwellers
Nadine Hattom, Nana Kreft, Franziskus Nakajima, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Tom Backe Rasmussen, Abe Rechterschot


Opening: 22 Aug 2013, 19:00h Open 23 Aug 2013 - 8 Sept 2013 Opening hours: Tue - Sun 14 -20:00h

Nadine Hattom

'Machine Room' Stadtbad Steglitz
Bergstraße 90
12169 Berlin

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Seven Berlin artists have joined forces to make a series of exhibitions underground in Berlin. 'Underground' taken in the broadest sense to mean the parts of the city that are invisible to everyday life; spaces that are disused or have never before been publicly accessible, allowing us to glimpse under the surface and behind the scenes of everyday life.

'Cave Dwellers', being shown in the machine room of Stadtbad Steglitz, is the first exhibition in the series, followed by an exhibition in October in Prenzlauer Berg's Wasserspeicher. Further exhibitions for the coming year and distant future are planned.

The first two exhibitions are dedicated to Plato's Allegory of the Cave and its parallels to the theme of migration. The artists are dealing in part with stories of their own backgrounds, which include Iraq and Peru, as well as investigating questions about perception and perspective.

Each artist has migrated over one or many borders. They are interested in the change of perspective that moving from one place to another, but also the smallest of movements brings. Serving as the point of departure for their works are the immediate or media-represented surroundings, which they dismantle and reassemble.

The works deal with different perspectives in which one logic interferes with the other's and when faced with each other become something beyond the dimensions of the two.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Cultural Office with means from the Bezirkskulturfonds.

Participating artists:

Lisa Premke (1981, DE), Sound artist, studied in Amsterdam and Glasgow

Nadine Hattom (1980, IQ/AU), Multimedia artist, studied in Sydney

Abe Rechterschot (1980, NL), Installation artist, studied in Amsterdam

Marco Pando (1973, PE), Film director, studied in Lima and Amsterdam

Franziskus Nakajima (1979, DE/JP), Installation artist, studied in Amsterdam

Tom Backe Rasmussen (1974, DK), Multimedia artist, studied in Amsterdam, Kopenhagen and Oslo

Nana Kreft (1976, DE), Installation artist, studied in Berlin and Amsterdam