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20 Aug 2013

Five Degrees + New Master Artist: Call for artists

Free art competition - INVIGORATE
Five Degrees + New Master Artist


Calling artists worldwide. Win lots of prizes, like sales, money & publicity. Open to any type of art. Maximum 20 entries.

Tim Noortman

New Master Artist
Keizersgracht 762
1017 EZ Amsterdam

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Call for artists worldwide

A free competition open to artists worldwide. Participate now and win lots of prizes. Upload up to 20 images (of your artworks) about the theme Invigorate.

Five Degrees is very pleased to invite artists and photographers from around the world to help them explore and express their own identity. Open to all artists around the world, the company is asking you to show us your interpretation of invigorate banking. Or in simple words, what is your picture of a world with new, transparent, low cost and low entry banks? Banks that listen to their customers and want to help them build healthy financial lives. Banks that give energy to people and business. Upload images of your artworks (including photography) and be part of this art crowd-sourcing project. There are lots prizes to win, varying from publicity to sale of your artwork. Let's invigorate banking together!

Crowdsourcing art

This competition invites artists and photographers from around the world to become the new face of Five Degrees. We build our technology with clients, banks and all stakeholders and so we also want to build our image with the crowd. Do you feel what the new core image should be for a company that wants to give banks energy and tools to do things differently: really open and transparent, faster, cheaper, in the cloud? What image will appeal banks to get in touch with us? What does your bank of the future looks like? What gives you energy? Help us build the NoWallsTreet brand!

Upload your artworks, photography and we will select images to use online, offline in print and the top items will be part of our online gallery from which new customers may select a piece to adorn the walls of their own bank. There are lots of prizes to win, varying from publicity to sale of your artwork. Invigorate us with your work!

Five Degrees

Five Degrees is a banking technology supplier that changes the paradigm of both technology and banking as we know it today. Their technology puts the customer in the driving seat and makes sure that anything that happens between a bank and its private and business customers is transparent and accessible to both parties at the same time. It cuts the price of technology for banks, so they can work at cheaper rates for their clients too. CEO Martijn Hohmann says that after the doom and gloom of the recent years, they see banks wanting to work differently. Five Degrees gives gives them the energy and tools to do just that.