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22 Aug 2013

OZON International Video Art Festival: Open Call

OZON International Video Art Festival
OZON Art Group


Opening - 24 October 2013
Duration of the Festival:
24 - 26 October 2013
Submission date:
15 September 2013
Granting Awards date:
26 October 2013


OZON International Video Art Festival / Rondo Sztuki
Rondo im. Gen. Ziętka 1
Katowice 40-121

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As we are interested in new trends and ideas in the video art world,
the videos for the Festival must be created in the last 4 years
and there is no specific topic for this edition.

More info, Rules and Entry Form:


On 24th October, the photo of the Earth taken in outer space is published for the first time in history, members of a French-Swiss expedition admire the views from the seven thousand meter peak of the Yagra mountain, and pupils, gathered at the Niagara, watch their teacher, Annie Edson Taylor, riding over the waterfall closed in a wooden barrel.

This year the opportunity to watch, admire and observe the art of moving images will present itself again, from 24th October onwards, at the Galeria Rondo Sztuki in Katowice during the OZON International Video Art Festival.


OZON International Video Art Festival

International – because the art and borders are two different antagonistic ideas, the art does not want to recognise any borders and we will not dare to stand on its way. Thus, the chance to remind the taste of FREEDOM is waiting for us.

Festival – our goal is to organize the review of achievements. It is a kind of competition where you can be rewarded, in other words: the joy of victory and warm words of consolation for runners-up. So we expect REAL EMOTIONS.

Video Art
– as everything will turn around the moving images. The effects of intensified quantity of visual stimuli can take the various forms. The most popular ones during the previous edition were: MELANCHOLY, SHOCK, as well as PLEASURE.

OZONE – it is possible to draw a theory that it is a kind of symbol – essencial matter at the moment the absence od which would mean for us a catastrophe, the end of life. We will not protest if you use those words to describe our festival.