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24 Jul 2013

Open call for artists to participate in the art project of Magdalena Jetelová

Open call to artists for participation in Magdalena Jetelová's art project
Olomouc Museum of Art


Deadline for the submission of registrations:
31 August 2013
Announcement of the results:
from 6 September 2013
Date of participation's event:
during September 2013

Olga Stanikova

Olomouc Museum of Art
Denisova 47
771 11 Olomouc
Czech Republic

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Magdalena Jetelová at the beginning of her exhibition at the Olomouc Museum of Art realized an art event with signal smoke, named aPEL (Olomouc, 2013). She is returning to her earlier smoke projects in her former Prague studio in Tichá Šárka (1983-85), where she used red smoke cartridges burning inside houses. Reflecting life in socialist Czechoslovakia and the other satellite countries controlled by the Soviet Union, she focused on demonstrating the advance of the red agglomeration on political maps. With the red smoke she defines urban space. The earlier work with a clear political context is now extended to a specific place - the institution - before and now. Magdalena Jetelová passes the powerful message of smoke action to other artists in Central and Eastern Europe in the form of an open call for active collaboration and in this way demonstrates the acute need for commitment to Central European affairs.

The author adds: 'Together with Olomouc Museum of Art and within the partnership project CEAD (Central European Art Database), in which the Museum cooperates with cultural institutions in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, this time we turn directly to artists in these countries to participate in the project which appeals to importance of cultural life of our countries, either in the form of a direct link to the legacy of post-totalitarian republics, by using signal smoke, or based on looser associations related to Central European space.'

The appeal is addressed to artists - individuals as well as to groups of artists from Central and Eastern Europe and citizens of former totalitarian states living abroad. They are invited to take part in the project by recording an event realized where the artist lives and works. There is no age limit. The form of participation is open – creation of a work of art, installation, performance or event which develops the discourse on art and politics. The project offers an opportunity for further development of the theme of Central and East Europe with its environmental situation and political history. It is to be related to Magdalena Jetelová's project or to the material used - smoke. Site-specific installations and interventions in urban space are welcomed. Artists can participate in the project by recording the event where they live and work.

Please send the following materials in PDF format to by 31 August 2013:
- A detailed explanation and the conception of your proposed art project (event),
accompanied by sketches or photographs (not necessarily required)
- The portfolio of selected works (maximum 10 projects, file not above 5MB)
- A CV with personal data and contact email address

The winning projects will be selected in conformity with the open call for applications, related to the current theme. The selected artists will be notified via email in early September 2013. The project/event is to be realized by the end of September 2013, and recorded on video (DVD, maximum length 5 minutes), to be sent to Olomouc Museum of Art(by 1st October 2013) and shown together with Magdalena Jetelová's event at the end of herexhibition at the Museum (October 2013). It will be also included in the exhibition catalogue.

Olomouc Museum of Art offers presentation in collaboration with the noted Czech artist Magdalena Jetelová. Olomouc Museum of Art is one of the most notable institutions in its category in the Czech Republic. By participation in the open call you will join the Museum's CEAD (Central European Art Database) project aimed at mapping art in the second half of the 20th century in Central Europe. The network of relations being established in Central Europe will be presented as a visual record shown at the end of exhibition and in the catalogue.

More information about Magdalena Jetelová's art projects, including visual documentation, may be found on website:

Please distribute or circulate this open call.

Olga Stanikova
curator of the Olomouc Museum of Art
Member of the project's team The Central European Art Database (CEAD)
Olomouc Museum of Art
Denisova 47
771 11 Olomouc
Czech Republic