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28 Jun 2013

Float by Anton Cabaleiro at MAC. Museum of Contemporary Art, A Coruña

Float. 2013 by Anton Cabaleiro

Float by Anton Cabaleiro at the MAC
Anton Cabaleiro


Float by Anton Cabaleiro at the MAC
Thursday, June 27, 2013, at 20:30 h
June 28 to October 13, 2013


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa
Avda. de Arteixo, 171
15007 A Coruña

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Anton Cabaleiro will be showing his latest works at the MAC. Museum of Contemporary Art (A Coruña, Spain) as a result of his stay in New York with the Gas Natural Fenosa Fellowship for artists 2011.

Float is an exploration of how relations between technologies, urban spaces, people and natural processes work.
Cabaleiro connects concepts from different fields such as computer science, visual arts, architecture and sociology. He uses real environments and modify their elements by adding computer-generated information, such as audio, video and graphics, and in which the real and the virtual are complementary.
At this point is where landscape design converges with technologies in a visually evident fashion, conforming a whole based, on the one hand, on the landscape as a product, conceptually and physically attached to the needs and cultural conventions and, on the other, on technologies as an extension of human thinking, applied to and based on these same conventions.
This is why Cabaleiro works the space from the general and from the particular, designing the works to be displayed and also, designing the journey through the exhibit, as if it were a landscape where both the works and the space between them have the same importance, driving the visitors through the gallery and leading them to the focal points, but never forgetting about the importance of the journey itself. 'It's about creating a space for contemplation, a somehow paradoxical space where contemplating does not simply mean stopping before an artwork. Instead, it means exploring a space that unfolds as the visitor walks it, a space where the spaces in between are as important as the focal points themselves.'

A catalog of the exhibition will be published. It will include texts by:
Lia Zaaloff. Curator at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York.
Anton Castro. Critic, Historian and Professor of History of Art at the University of Vigo.

María Azcoitia. Independent curator and cultural manager.
Russet Lederman. Researcher and Professor at SVA. School of Visual Arts in New York.