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03 Jun 2013

Transart MFA and Certificate programs: Last Chance!

Last Chance!
Transart Institute


Deadline: June 15, 2013 Very few spots left for this year's Transart MFA and Certificate programs. Become a Transartist, with a thriving international practice and career in 2 years. Creative surge, vital practice, new work

Drew Henmi
+1 (347) 410 9905

Transart Institute
228 Park Ave S.
New York, New York 10003

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Very few spots left for this year's Transart MFA and Certificate programs. 

This summer in Berlin. Make a collective stop-motion animation in one day, watch Afroeuropean films for another, sit in on 24 talks in the Trans-what? symposium, take a tour to the outer edges of Berlin from the film 'Umland', explore the politics of place through the ecological metaphors of 'The Native and the Invasive', walk the walk in the workshop 'Within Walking Distance', inquire into what actually happens when we think we share, or dare to engage in a voice lab and perform your voice across the thresholds of personal limits, stay up too late, approach ways of ending without making it an end in itself, hear Ensemble Xenon's composer-performers straddle the fence between free and noted music, get lost, take on a life drawing class with a life of it's own, cafe hop in 'Writing Art/Artist's Writing', question the power of sound, smell, and touch as triggers to memory that connect you to your present experiences, consider displacement in a mobile discussion group, experiment, critique critiques, see all the nominated films from the Trans-ideology: Nostalgia short film fest over several evenings, don't think about your job once for three weeks, participate in speed crits and slow crits, perform or show in a public open frame event, get new takes on old work, show new work for the first time, learn the basics of psychoacoustics, hear what fifty other artists are up to pecha kucha style, go to openings, galleries, fool around, get suggestions for a list of books on your topic you won't be able to put down.

Take it all back to your studio along with your plans and create a body of work like nothing you've done before. 

Be assured of the support, encouragement, feedback and resources you need in order to take all necessary risks.

Find a sustainable balance and remain debt free. Keep working, pay as you go. 
Work on-site and on-line, 2 winter sessions in New York, 3 summer sessions in Berlin, work wherever you live. 

Become a Transartist, with a thriving international practice and career in 2 years. 

Talk to Transartists, faculty and advisors by Skype or in person to hear more.  
But first, apply for summer acceptance: June 15, 2013!
MFA program:
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Transart, the Unschool Art School
Berlin and New York
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