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24 May 2013

Aperture magazine #211 out now!

Aperture, Summer 2013
Aperture Foundation


Phone: +1 212 505 5555

Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10001

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The summer 2013 issue of Aperture, the second featuring the magazine's dramatic reconceptualization and redesign, is organized around the theme of "Curiosity." Contributors examine photography's relationship to such subjects as exploration, scientific discovery, and ways of seeing. The desire to lay bare the unknown is perpetual, and the issue features photographic investigations from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Yet, whether the realm is art or science, photography may lead not to answers but to further questions. As curator Joel Smith notes, photographs can "doubt as well as certify, negate as well as indicate, embody absence as well as substance."

words—The sharpest ideas in photography

Artist Trevor Paglen in Conversation with Science Historian Peter Galison
Brian Dillon on Photography and Sidelong Discovery
David Campany on Photography's Alien Landscapes
Jennifer Tucker on Nineteenth-Century Photographic Exploration
And more

pictures—The magazine's visual showcase
Lynne Cooke on the 'Secret Universe' of Horst Ademeit
Michael Famighetti in Conversation with Thomas Ruff
Sarah Bay Williams on Robert Cumming's Conceptual Investigations
Joel Smith on Photographs of Nothing
Brian Sholis on Lisa Oppenheim's Elemental Process
Jimena Canales on the Lab Notebooks of Harold E. 'Doc' Edgerton
And more

What Matters Now?

Contributions by Andrew Blum, Robert Klantern, Laura Poitras, Anton Vidokle

Ulrich Baer on Brassaï's Proust in the Power of Photography

Sean O'Toole on Cape Town

Collectors: The Architects
Contributions by Denise Scott Brown, Neil Denari, John Pawson, Annabelle Selldorf

Studio Visit
Jonathan Griffin on John Divola and his Riverside workplace

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