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07 May 2013

Footnotes to breakup at Motorenhalle. Project Centre for Contemporary Art

Angels with dirty faces, Igor Grubic, photographies, 2004-2006

Footnotes to breakup


Opening on 8 May at 8 pm Exhibition: 9 May to 13 July 2013 Pecha Kucha Afternoon with the artists on 9 May starting at 2 pm


Wachsbleichstr. 4a
01067 Dresden

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Footnotes to breakup

A human being gets off, a group, many groups, generations, whole societies are in a state of breakup. What does connect these breakups? What kind of effects into art and out of art do they have? Phenomena of setting off will be illuminated from many different perspectives. The result will be a network of possible meanings for the individual and the collectivity. The term breakup is mainly connoted positively. But of course, there are also many examples for a problematic or even absolutely negative breakup. Eventually the word has got several aspects of meaning in our language. Besides the internal or external breakup to new - internal or external again - worlds, there is also the simple breakup of the road surface, of incrustations, of painting tops.
In the exhibition 'Footnotes to breakup' and the accompanying events, we will ask questions for the tensions between personal, collective and social breakups and get to the bottom of them together with artists and other experts. Do we live in a period of a breakup? How do they work? Is there after Fukushima, amid a fiscal and a crisis of values, a stronger willingness to break fresh ground? Nearly nobody will start just for a breakup, for sure. This begs the question of the motives, as well as of those who don't want to or cannot get off. At the latest since modernity breakup has basically been a term with positive connotations. Associations seem likely to utopia or the New human.
No later than at this point it becomes clear how complex and problematic the per se harmlessly seeming breakup can be.
On the one hand, we will continue the topic breakup of last year's Phenomenon Prosperity, but on the other hand we will also refer to our own situation. In front of the Motorenhalle there is being erected a new building for us. Its completion at the end of this year will imply another breakup for riesa efau, of course, and thereby give an impulse for our reflections.
On 9 May starting at 2 pm a public artists' pecha kucha workshop will take place in the Motorenhalle. The artists will speak there about their works and principles of work in 6:40 min. each.

Zbynek Baladrán, Prag (CZ) | Aram Bartholl, Berlin | Franca Bartholomäi, Halle | Till Ansgar Baumhauer, Dresden | Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau, Prag, Helsinki (CZ, FIN) | Gregory Buchert, Lyon (F) | Maria Bussmann, Wien (AT) | Chto Delat, St. Petersburg, Moskau (RU) | Ayelen Coccoz, Buenos Aires (AR) | Ulrike Gärtner, Dresden | Göran Gnaudschun, Potsdam | Arti Grabowski, Krakow (PL) | Igor Grubic, Zagreb (HR) | Eberhard Havekost, Berlin | Martin Kippenberger/ Walter Dahn, Köln | Friedl Kubelka, Wien (AT) | Heimo Lattner, Berlin | Eduardo Molinari, Buenos Aires (AR) | Pavel Mrkus, Rumburk (CZ) | Stefan Nestler, Dresden | Laura Pawela, Warschau (PL) | The Trailblazers (Mircea Nicolae, Stefan Tiron and Larisa Sitar), Bukarest (RO) | Ute Richter, Leipzig | Jürgen Schön, Dresden | Société Réaliste, Paris (F) | Jirí Suruvka, Ostrava (CZ) | Sus Zwick & Muda Mathis (CH)