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25 Apr 2013

Heike Schildhauer : 'Cajolierung' at GALERIE D' (A), Lausanne

Photo © Fabrice Schneider 2013

Heike Schildhauer : 'Cajolierung'


Heike Schildhauer : 'Cajolierung' 26 April - 15 June 2013
Opening Reception:
Thursday 25 April 2013 - 6 to 9 pm
Opening time:
Mon, Tue 10-12.30/13.30-17, Thu 12-19.30, Fri 10-16, Sat 14-17

Jacqueline Bettinelli
+41 21 311 35 01
+41 21 312 23 80

Avenue du Léman 20
1005 Lausanne

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Galerie d'(A) presents Heike Schildhauer's third solo exhibition, whose title with its German ending – Cajolierung – marks the return to the artist's origin through drawing.

A return to the origins by way of constructing, in constant metamorphosis, her own identity and that of those around her. Heike Schildhauer exposes the human being's internal structures and confronts them with an offensive gaze. The skin offers protection, but it fails to fully mask a defenceless nudity. Our fragility is perpetually masked by shells. The artist succeeds in piercing this armour, thereby showing that 'our being is in need of caresses down to the bones'.

Heike Schildhauer loves to cover and thus protect familiar objects with new textures. The mix of structures brings the viewer to a halt and asks them questions about their own identity. Through the minuteness of her drawings, she succeeds in pulling us into her fantastic universe, where mirrors have hairs, beards become reptiles and worms have human faces. The skulls grow extensions that portray regions of the brain and shapeless elements morph from one state of existence into another.

Swiss visual artist born in 1966 in Geneva, Switzerland. After completing her federal Matura at the Collège Voltaire in Geneva, Heike Schildhauer obtained a diploma as a creative glassmaker in 1990. She went on to work in this field for several years, before turning to painting and sculpture. In 2009, she obtained a DAS diploma from the postgraduate programme 'REALisation – Ceramics & Polymers' at CERCCO (Experimentation and Research Centre for Contemporary Ceramics)/ HEAD-GE (Geneva University of Art and Design). From 2012 to 2013, the artist completed her training in ceramics at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey. Schildhauer is a visual artist exhibiting in group and solo shows mainly in Switzerland but also in Belgium. She lives and works in Morges, Switzerland, and is a member of the visual artists' association Visarte-Vaud.