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29 Mar 2013

Kermadec - Art Across the Pacific at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile

Fiona Hall. Shoot the breeze. 2011

Kermadec - Art Across the Pacific
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Chile


March 15th - May 19th

Graciela Marín
56 2 29771743

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Parque Forestal s/n

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Kermadec - ART ACROSS THE PACIFIC, is a group show of eight artists from New Zeland and Australia, that is to be displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of Chile from March 15th to May 19th 2013. This exhibition is a selection of what was on display at City Gallery Wellington (New Zealand) and it´s motivated by the reflection about the biodiversity of all Kermadec Islands, New Zealand, one of the last pristine areas of the planet. Later, new works were added inspired by and made in Rapa Nui island, in an attempt to unite both Polynesian societies through contemporary artistic expressions that emphasize the natural richness of both regions. The invitation was extended to artists by Pew Environment Group.

Nine artists were invited to perform a set of works during a trip made in 2011, on board the HMNZS Otago New Zealand Navy around the Kermadec Islands. The idea was to make art that reflected about the nature of this region, and how it´s threatened by environmental pollution. Surrounded by deep waters, with an arc of volcanoes that extend its length, these islands are home of unique sea creatures.

In order to strengthen the natural and cultural richness of Polynesia by connecting the Maori culture of New Zealand with Easter Island, part of these artists who participated in the 2011 cruise embarked in July 2012 on a trip to Rapa Nui. They also created works inspired by this place, hence the name of the exhibition: Kermadec - ART ACROSS THE PACIFIC.

The mission of Pew Environment Group, the conservation area of The Pew Charitable Trusts, is to help meet what they consider one of the most important challenges of our time: save the environment and protect its rich variety of life. This is the spirit that led to the invitation of the artists. The idea was to to join forces between environmental practices and the work of these artists, as a way to reflect on the richness of these natural treasures and avoid the imminent danger that threatens them.

The artists

John Pule
(1962): One of the most important photographers of the 1970s, in recent years has been spent working with the technologies of the moving image.

Dame Robin White (1946): Painter, one of the most important artists of New Zealand, known for her tapas that are created in collaboration with Pacific women.

Fiona Hall
(1956): One of the most successful contemporary Australian artists, currently works in sculpture and installations.

Phil Dadson
(1946): Sound artist whose work includes videos, digital images, installation, sound performance, among other expressions.

John Reynolds
(1956): oOe of the most celebrated artists of his generation. Usually his work include a multiplicity of small canvases as an installation.

Elizabeth Thomson
(1955): Focuses onsculpture and installation, her work is strongly linked with physics and biology of the Pacific.

Jason O'Hara
(1968): Visual artist who works on painting, photography, sculpture and new media, and excels in his work as a designer.

Bruce Foster
(1948): Is well known for his color photographs, which force a dialogue between natural and man-made elements on the southern coast of New Zealand.

Gregory O'Brien
(1961): poet, essayist, anthologist and painter, is also the curator of Kermadec - ART ACROSS THE PACIFIC. His works use a lot of materials, methods and ideas from crafts, poetry, jewelry traditions, painting and scientific photography.