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08 Mar 2013

Andreas Marti: Cutting the Detour at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo

Den Sollwert anstrebend, der Standardabweichung nahe und dem Erwartungswert entsprechend, 2013

LX92 #2 Andreas Marti | Cutting the Detour


Sat 9 March 2013, 4pm-11pm
Sun 7 April 2013, 4pm-11pm
Supported by:
the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Marina Coelho
+ 55 11 2339 8586

Rua dos Pinheiros, 411
05422-010 - São Paulo - SP

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LX92 #2

Andreas Marti
Cutting the Detour

Exhibition through 7 April 2013

Continuing the project LX92, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo invites Swiss artist Andreas Marti (Zurich, Switzerland. 1967) to present the exhibition Cutting the Detour.

The investigation of reality is not just a question for science, but also a wide range of possibilities for discussions and approaches for art, as since long, the representation of reality through artistic means, is one of the main aims of art. Thus, Andreas Marti dissects reality through precise means, as a scientist questing his research and investigations. Moving between the spheres of conceptual and minimalist art, and incorporating features of scientific procedures, the artist creates for exhibition Cutting the Detour the objects and installations that dialogue with the architecture of the exhibition space and emphasize aspects usually ignored. What interests Marti is to find out possibilities that the architecture of the exhibition space offers and thus to create objects that relate to it within the laws of physics, taking into account construction and engineering concepts.

The installation Den Sollwert anstrebend, der Standardabweichung nahe und dem Erwartungswert entsprechend, made with a stack of paper tied to a column of the space, emphasizes the material properties, such as the limit up to which they may be required, their nominal values, generating a new perception in the viewer. The work Untitled (conceptual painting) discusses the question of the actual weight of the material and the one generated by the optical feeling of the intensity of black ink. Thus, the work consists of a stack of paper, which painted with watery ink on a gradient from black to white, appears as an object whose base is much heavier than the top. This sensation is caused by the actual weight, by the lightness of the white tones and also by the presence of air in the gaps generated by the irregularity of the paper submitted to the watery brushstrokes.

Other two works are shown as conceptual paintings performed on the walls of the space. The installation A Test of Tests is only done with colored pigments inserted into holes drilled in the walls. The installation Cutting the Detour - whose title gives the name to the show - consists of a rubber sheet cut into two pieces, the positive, attached to the wall, and negative, laying on the floor. The frame, made from the silhouette of the juxtaposition of a collection of images taken from the media, contrasted with the wall creates a drawing, which is unintelligible, yet familiar.

Other drawings can also be seen in works made with graphite on paper and on the wall, which resemble to microscopic organisms, very common in earlier works of the artist.

Curated by Marina Coelho.

Supported by: the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia


About Andreas Marti

Andreas Marti (*1967 in Zurich), lives and works in Zurich. He studied fine arts at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHDK, in Zurich. In 2011 received an award for an artistis residency in London. Since September 2008, he runs the art space DIENSTGEBÄUDE in Zurich, where he develops projects with several artists.

Among the exhibitions in which he participated are: the solo show The Whole is More Than Twice the Half, curated by Laura Sanchez Serrano and Manon Engel, at Espace Libre (2012), in Biel, Switzerland; Science & Fiction, A laboratory of drawing, curated by Sebastian Utzni at Galerie Katz Contemporary Zürich (2012); Kult Ausser Sihl Zürich, curated by Michael Hiltbrunner in Helmhaus Zürich (2012); and the solo show Die Übersicht ist Teil des Ganzen, at Christinger Galerie De Mayo (2010), all in Zurich; the solo show Grosser Fund, at Credit Suisse Headquarter Bern and Kunstmuseum Bern (2010), in Bern; Paperworks, Shanghai Museum of Arts (2010), in Shanghai; several participations at the year show Auswahl, at Aargauer Kunsthaus, in Aarau.


About LX92

The project LX92 consists of a series of exhibitions of foreign artists at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo, and aims to create an international dialogue between São Paulo and Switzerland, expanding the local art scene for the ideas that are being discussed in that country and promoting swiss artists. In exchange, artists who have their shows at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo have a chance to experience a contact with the Brazilian culture while installing their works, which most of the times are developed for the space exclusively. The project title is a reference to the direct flight that connects Zurich to Sao Paulo.


About KUNSTHALLE São Paulo

Opened in September 2012, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo is a space dedicated to contemporary art. Holding projects and exhibitions of national and international artists, the space is characterized by experimentation, community formation and the creation of discussions around current social and contemporary art issues.

Comprising an exhibition space and a cafe with a small art book shop, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo functions as a meeting point for artists, theorists, and people who are interested in art in general, who may suggest projects, discursive events, such as lectures and debates, and video projections and concerts.

Rua dos Pinheiros, 411
05422-010 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
T + 55 11 2339 8586

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 3pm to 11pm