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05 Mar 2013

Open Call - Survival Kit/Umeå

Survival Kit/Umeå
Survival Kit/Umeå


Submission deadline:
1 sep, 2013
Exhibition period:
20 sep - 19 oct, 2014


Survival Kit/Umeå, C/O Verkligheten
Pilgatan 16
90331 Umeå

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Survival Kit/Umeå invites artists from all corners of the world to apply for the Survival Kit Festival which will take place in Umeå city and its surroundings from 20th September to 19th October, 2014.
A jury consisting of representatives of the hosting organisations will select approximately 30 artists.


Humanity faces huge difficulties; our future seems to be less predictable and more complex than ever. The climate is changing, ecological, economical and societal systems are on the verge of
Where are we heading? What do we need? What might happen? What should happen?

We are searching for artists whose work attends to the question of survival in all its different perceptions. We welcome new or renewed perspectives; provocative and engaging, utopian and
progressive, visions, questions, innovative solutions and more.
The works we are searching for considers the world at large, and/or the local circumstances.
They might be collaborative or individual, modest proposals or grand statements.
You may apply with a previous work or with something completely new, which can be produced on site and in any media.
Details about practicalities such as exhibition venues, is onstantly updated and made available at:

Umeå is located in the north of Sweden by the coast of the Baltic Sea - a short ferry trip east takes you to Finland; and a long ride upstream one of Sweden's mightiest rivers guides you across the
border into Norway and to the Atlantic ocean.

Survival Kit started in Riga 2009 as a reaction to the economical crises in Latvia. In Riga, Survival Kit has grown to become an annual exhibition. Survival Kit/Umeå started last year in close cooperation with Riga Survival Kit and contains workshops, presentations and exhibitions in a continued exchange
between the two cities.
During 2014 Umeå and Riga will both be European Capitals of Culture, which is also the premiere for a simultaneous Survival Kit Festival in both cities.


All artists will be awarded a fee of 300 Euros each to exhibit their works. Artists also have the possibility to get productions costs/transport covered by the organiser. All costs, including production/transport, should be specified in an approximate budget proposal included in the application. Selected site-specific proposals that require production on site will also receive payment to cover one round trip ticket and accommodation.

You are welcome to apply both as an individual artist and as a group. We prefer digital applications in PDF-format with links to online-material such as video/sound etc and/or a link to further information about your work (PDF may not exceed 3MB).
We also welcome applications sent via regular mail.
Please be aware that this material will not be returned.
- One page project description of proposed work
- Technical requirements
- A brief summary/CV of previous work/career
- Descriptions of three previous works
- A budget of approximate costs
* Swedish artists: Bevis för F-skattsedel eller tillgång till faktureringsföretag.

Please visit our webpage or e-mail us for more information.