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15 Feb 2013

Flurin Bisig: The seismographical back at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo

Flurin Bisig

Flurin Bisig | The seismographical back


Work in progress exhibition
from 7 untill 24 February 2013
24 February 2013 - 16h-23h
The artist can be viewed working on the space from: Wed to Fri 12h-20h and Sat - Sun 15h - 23h
Supported by: the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Marina Coelho
+ 55 11 2339 8586

Rua dos Pinheiros, 411
05422-010 - São Paulo - SP

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LX92 #1

Flurin Bisig
The seismographical back

Exhibitionin progress from 7 till 24 February 2013

Sunday 24 February 2013, 4pm-13pm

To launch the project LX92, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo invites swiss artist Flurin Bisig (Samedan, CH,1982) to present his project The seismographical back. Bisig develops a systematic research that turns materials and objects, found on the street, into precariously balanced structures, usually made out of raw wood and cardboard with traces of bright colours, which brings a changing aspect to the gallery space, as it evolves during the period of his residency in the city.

In this work-in-progress exhibition, the shape and the story of the space, the relationships between artist, curator and all the other people involved, will create an atmosphere that will have a great impact on the works coming out of this process. Finally, the work will design in its constitution a seismographic curve of these spheres, creating an installation on the space and publishing an artist notebook edition. The artist can be viewed working on the space during the entire exhibition period, and the final installation will be presented at the finissage, together with the launch of the edition.

Supported by: the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia


About Flurin Bisig

Flurin Bisig (Samedan, Switzerland, 1982), lives and works between Berlin and Switzerland. He is graduated at the Universität der Künste Berlin and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst of Lucerne. Among the exhibitions he has participated there are: Jahresausstellung, at Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2012); Werkbeiträge 2011, at Kunsthalle Lucerne (2011); Zentralschweizer Kunstszenen, at Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2010), all in Lucerne; Pursue Other Avenues, at Corner-College (2012); the solo show Mit dem Rücken zum Publikum, at Wäscherei, Kunstverein Zurich (2011), both in Zurich; About Abstraction, at KTV-Club (2011); Wir können auch anders!, at Bourouina Gallery (2010), both in Berlin; In the fall of twothousandandten we flowed upstream and had nothing to eat, at Gallery Suzy Shammah (with Mickael Marchand) (2010), in Milan; and the solo show The first Rendez-Vous, at Playstation at Gallery Fons Welters (2010), in Amsterdam.


About LX92

The project LX92 consists of a series of exhibitions of foreign artists at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo, and aims to create an international dialogue between São Paulo and Switzerland, expanding the local art scene for the ideas that are being discussed in that country and promoting swiss artists. In exchange, artists who have their shows at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo have a chance to experience a contact with the Brazilian culture while installing their works, which most of the times are developed for the space exclusively. The project title is a reference to the direct flight that connects Zurich to Sao Paulo.


About KUNSTHALLE São Paulo

Opened in September 2012, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo is a space dedicated to contemporary art. Holding projects and exhibitions of national and international artists, the space is characterized by experimentation, community formation and the creation of discussions around current social and contemporary art issues.

Comprising an exhibition space and a cafe with a small art book shop, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo functions as a meeting point for artists, theorists, and people who are interested in art in general, who may suggest projects, discursive events, such as lectures and debates, and video projections and concerts.