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05 Feb 2013

Marijke Appelman, Domenico Billari and H.K. Rannversson at Upominki, Rotterdam

found footage

Take a breath… The best must come


As a part of his project, H.K. Rannversson will give a performance in the form of a guided tour through his presentation on February 8th, 9th, and 10th at 17h. Please note that, due to the limited number of places, an email reservation is required. To inscribe, please send an email by February 6th to stating your name and date on which you wish to attend. Opening reception: 8th February 2013 at 19h Exhibition open from 9 - 28 February 2013 Space open through the weekend from 13-19, and during the week from 10-17


Kapelstraat 32
3023JG Rotterdam

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During probably the most exuberated week of art events in Rotterdam, Upominki presents three individual projects that each derive from a particular artist’s research. In ‘Take a breath… The best must come’ the visitor is drawn by an ephemeral experience of sensitivity and fragility. Here the nose, eyes, ears and touch are put to a test, which is one’s ability to reminiscence an experience.

Through this exhibition, Upominki not only wishes to expand the physical space of the works included, but also wants to stretch its own geographical location.  ‘Take a breath… The best must come’ presents works by Marijke Appelman, Domenico Billari and H.K. Rannversson that share a certain urgency towards what they might become.  And yet, when the time of the viewer’s expectation drags on, suddenly he or she realizes that nothing here is about waiting, but about being in-between. Here things hang up in the air, maybe they are even floating, but definitely not falling down. Moreover, since each of the presented works appears to no particular time and no particular place. Thus a moment when one is being stuck on the way from A to B, or aware that things need to be defined again, but not having a clue of who is going to that, and how. Take a breath… The best must come’ is then the artists’ joint search for funnels, which proposes such moments of in-betweenness to be seen rather as productive modes that lead to somewhere. But in the end it also raises a question, where are we ourselves right now?

About the artists and their projects

Marijke Appelman
(1979) recived her BA from Willem de Kooning Academy in 2008. Her works are based on an appreciation of art and life and are simultaneously lyric and straightforward. Everyday situations and materials are used in installations, objects and video. Resulting in an environmental art, but one whose environment is cultural instead of natural.

Domenico Billari
(1977) holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Applied Sciences HGK Northwestern Switzerland, Basel, Art Institute (2008). Received a scholarship from Pro Helvetia in 2007 and the studio IAAB scholarship for Paris (2009) and Rotterdam  (2012). Was nominated for National Prix in 2009, the Swiss art Award in 2010, the Suisse performance Prix in 2011 and won the Clavel Preis in 2012.

H.K. Rannversson
(1981) holds a MA degree in Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam (2012) and a BA degree in Art History from the University of Iceland (2009). He lives and works in Amsterdam and Reykjavík.